OM 366LA Starting current peak/sustained


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Does anyone know or better have measure the peak sustained current when starting an 366 engine? I have torn out my main battery cables to replace them and am spec'ing up a lithium battery for the stater and cabin and need some C values.. should have measured this before hand but I only just purchased a good clamp meter..

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My 12V reduction geared starter motor on my OM352A draws around 350A continuous if that helps. I run a Lithium starter battery as well as the house batteries . I mounted mine in the cab, to keep it warm, as it doesn't work as well in very cold temperatures, not that we have them in Australia though.



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Ill be running the Winston dedicated starter batteries, from what i can tell they are just regular Winston cells, they have no BMS and my 90Ah 12v has been working great now for ages in all temps in the Range Rover. They assure me that wired in 2 run in series will be fine and offer much more power than a 2x 130ah lead acid equivalent that I am running now (I am talking directly to them).
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We have lithium starter in our bus Dory. Mercedes om906la ,24 volt system. Diy battery bank made of lishen 272ah batteries. Two 24 volt systems in parallel. So 540ah.
This is also our house bank.

Not sure how to read the spec on the foreign cells. 10c impulse current, to me that would mean 1/4 to 1/2 second to bring an electric motor up to speed.. if your diesel starts at first rotation then no problems. If it has to crank for 5 -10 seconds then I would imagine the 1c specification applies.
Most cells are made of individual pouches with each thin metal strips combined to the main terminal. The thermal " inertia " prevents them from melting hence the 1c and 10c impulse current.

Good luck

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