OnX GPS, Gaia GPS, All Trails or other for hiking and public land boundaries


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If you haven’t yet, check out COTREX which is a multi-agency partnership app in Colorado that allows you to select activity then gives you routes cues to that. It’s free through the app stores.

Pretty much my go-to when exploring CO at this point, backed up by Avenza and the actual mvum/travel map if I’m ever scratching my head about something


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I have CO Trex and really like it. I'm not sure if it shows public/private land boundaries so that you can know for sure whether or not you're camping on public lands. I'll check...


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Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I’ll cross reference to the actual mvum since it’ll show where you can/cannot dispersed camp based on management and property boundaries.

I just make sure to pay attention to whichever side the dots are on.


I want to revive this thread to ask the following: I have both OnX and Gaia subscriptions. We are often out of cell range so I plan to download some layers on each app. I use an iPad Pro 1 tb hard drive. Which layers do you recommend for each app? We explore the west mostly maybe going east of Rockies at times. We like gravel roads and want to check out ghost towns, canyons, rockhound, just be out there. Any advice? Thank you very much.


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We use Gaia Overland as a base layer. It combines a streets map, topo map, PublicLands, the FS MVUM, and the roads and trails.

Then, depending on needs, we'll overlay:
Nat Geo Trails Illustrated
USFS Recreation Sites
Mines and Minerals
Wildfires (current)
NPS Visitor
Historic Topo 1930
Private Lands

We'll also download the Satellite map of an area we visit. It helps finding a campsite, or finding a road to lead you somewhere you want to go.

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I used Gaia a while ago and it was just ok. I’m sure it’s improved but I use SARTOPO which is a variant of CALTOPO(I’m on a SAR team so it just makes sense to me and those who I travel with.

I’ve been tempted to try Onx after seeing how much they have grown beyond hunting. I’m excited to see what has changed.

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