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Hey guys,

My buddy is thinking about selling his 2001 Lexus LX470. I know every truck has its flaws, what should I be looking for in this model?

It has arb bumpers, warn winch, arb intensity lights, slee scrape plates, total chaos control arms with icon suspension. Sliders. Arb half roof rack. Etc

235k miles. Pretty clean though. Seats look good.

What is the fair market price for something like this? I have always owned jeeps as toys. I have a 2022 gx460. But I can’t bring myself to lift that. So, I’m looking for a weekend warrior.


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With all due respect, you mention add-ons and mods, but with 235K on the clock you would be wise to look at maintenance records. Even for a "Toyota."

Check condition of spark plugs, all fluids, hoses and belts. See if the tires indicate undue wear or off alignment.


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How much? pics? And go to slee offroad for the rundown on model year difference.

Thats the same year as mine, and keeping up on maintenance, like oil changes and timing belts it ought to be fine. Id be more concerned about the/if rust. If its lifted on 35's the 4 speed will make it a bit of a dog on steep long highway speed climbs, but there are worse. if you learn to let the a-trac do its work, you'll be surprised how well it offroads and how comfortable you are. the consensus of LC people think the 80 is king due to the front axle, but the 100 is the one to get. it's a step up in build and luxury and the plusses more than offset the axle type.


Is there spots I should be looking at for rust? It has been a California car its whole life. So, I’m assuming it shouldn’t be an issue.
All over the frame- look in front of rear wheels where the axle links connect to the frame- it starts there but can really be anywhere. Also drive it to make sure it’s what you want, these are 20 plus year old vehicles, it basically drives like a tractor with leather seats.


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It definitely isn’t perfect. The steering wheel tilts up and down, but not out. The light for the ride height is flashing from the lift. The paint is not perfect, but decent. The antenna does not work. It will need tires soon. But mostly small stuff. It feels like it run smooth, but I have never owned one. I have owned jeep wrangler tj rubicons in the past, this felt 10 times smoother. Heavier. But so much smoother and more powerful.


Interior looks a little rough I’d dock the value for that or factor in replacement leather carpet. Do the back windows not close all the way? The vehicle looks wet but the back windows are slightly tilted open.

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