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Howdy all,

I have a '99 Jeep Cherokee with a full length ARB roof basket and am trying to decide on how to mount my spade, clay pick, and axe. I've acquired a Carter T-handle spade and a clay pick with the steel collar a la Camel Trophy as well as the Land Rover mounts for them. I was thinking of mounting them to the hood and just wanted some thoughts. I'm trying to avoid mounting all of them to the roof basket simply because the plans that I have for the basket and its setup limit my options. And carrying them inside is not an option either.

The mounts are just riveted through the sheet metal and I'd, obviously, use backing plates to do so. I might even swap out the rivets for actualy threaded fasteners and nuts. the only thing that's given me pause is the potential safety issue with having heavy, metal (and sharp-ish) implements on the hood in the event of a collision. Obviously they would not be on the hood on a daily basis but they would be mounted for trips.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Thanks in advance!


I wouldn't want anything on my hood, but I prefer not to see stuff in my line-of-sight

How about on the liftgate?


The additional weight would likely overpower the struts that hold up the liftgate.
The design of my swing-away tire carrier does not lend itself to mounting a shovel and pick. Besides, that's where I've mounted the hi-lift.
IN the roof basket isn't really an option because that would eat up a bunch of space in a pretty inefficient way, and as previously stated, I'm trying to keep them outside of the interior. There are enough potential hazards in there without adding sharp metal implements into the mix.

In my line-of-sight isn't really an issue for me. The hoodline is low enough that a shovel on the driver's side won't be much of an obstruction, and a pick on thepassenger side, even less so.


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outside faces of the basket. As long as you are festooning your vehicle with stuff.

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When I had an XJ I managed to cram some mini tools under the back seat and between the front seats and the console.
Water resistant USGI, LED angle head, D cell, flashlight conversion, large Svensaw, USGI mini pick mattock, USGI (NOT Chinese) trifold e-tool... only needed a full sized shovel & spade for snow wheeling, never needed an ax.
In the TJ these tools are strapped to the roll cage.



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is there enough room the tools could be attached under the roof rack without scraping the livin' be-jesus out of the paint every time they're needed?


Let's see some pics!!!

XJ's are so tiny that unless you're only 4'8", you sit way up above the hood, looking out through the top of the windshield. I really don't think there will be any visibility issue with what you are doing.

If you think it might hurt the hood long term, use some 14ga or 1/8" backing plates that are a decent size and use body adhesive to glue them into place when you install things. And I would definitely suggest not using rivets... They always seem to loosen up. If you use threaded fasteners, you can install them loosely while the adhesive cures so you don't just squeeze it all out. Then snug them up after a few days. Do use a nylock nut, not standard nuts and lock washers...


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I've run a few wrecks involving those Cherokees and there is no way I'd want anything mounted on the hood- actually I wouldn't mount anything on the hood of any newer vehicles. Newer vehicles, including the hood, are designed to crumple so bolting something to it might reinforce it to the point it came back instead of buckling. You can always buy stronger struts for the rear hatch if you decided to mount them there.

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