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Back in January, I picked up my OVRLND camper from another forum member, Ryan. Couldn't have been a nicer guy. Even threw in a nice fresh breakfast burrito when I came to pick it up in CA (I live in Phoenix). Drove it back home with no issues. Big thanks to Ryan and all of his friends that came to help transfer it from his truck to mine!



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Took 'er out for the maiden voyage the next weekend up near Forest Lakes. It got down to about 25 degrees but we stayed warm thanks to a down comforter and a down sleeping bag for each of us.

Before I took it out, I picked up some string lights from Amazon and Mpower lights as week and strung them up in the roof rails. Very nice ambiance! I already had a Goal Zero Yeti 1000 so it was a quick and easy plug and play for some nice lights. IMG_20200129_221208_compress19.jpg

I picked up a knock off Bed Rug mat from Amazon as well, which made for a more comfortable floor, without too much work. Throw in some more camping items I had around the house and the first trip was a success!


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Fast forward a couple of weeks and I finally have some time to add a few things!

First thing was add an easy little corner shelf that will go above where the kitchen will be while we are camping. Same spot as the picture above where the King Camp kitchen is. Perfect place to put spices or drinks while making some grub. Snapchat-928277548.jpgIMG_20200217_160459_compress58.jpg

First thing I noticed when in bed. Is that there is nowhere to lean your pillow up against while watching a movie. The roof lifting mechanism is the perfect spot for a headboard. I managed to get the first half installed. Other half coming shortly. I confirmed that it does not in any way interfere with the lifting mechanism. Win win!


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Started messing around with siding today and went with 1/4" cedar ridge and groove for now. Only got part of a wall done and am experimenting with the wall behind the cab. Looks pretty good though!


The windows make things a bit more difficult but still seems to work well. Any suggestions on what to use for some corner trim?

My biggest question is how to secure the trim. Since there isn't much at all to secure it to, other than the cedar itself. I could possible glue something in but we will see.


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I have been installing everything with this Velcro on steroids stuff called Scotch Extreme Fasteners. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IGIUP9O/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_YqYsEb2W3E53J
Plenty strong enough to hold all of the modifications in place. Sometimes too strong.

Once I get the siding dialed in I plan on adding thinsulate for insulation. Part of the reason I chose the Velcro stuff was so that I could easily remover any piece for whatever reason. So adding insulation after the fact will be easy!

I am also trying out ideas on how to do the siding in areas where there is no room to add an additional 1/4 - 1/2" of width to the walls. Like where the bed slides out. So I might try the picture below. Throw in some insulation behind and call it good. I like the contrast of the aluminum and the cedar.



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Operation DIY Lagun Table. Wanted to make my own swivel table without drilling any holes into the truck bed. This is protoype #1 and was mostly going for proof of concept. This will definitely work for now but will need some fine-tuning to get it just right and looking a bit more refined. IMG_20200308_163037_compress13.jpg

Used these factory holes that come with these tie downs that say they can handle up to 250 lbs. So I figure it is plenty strong enough.IMG_20200308_163031_compress61.jpgIMG_20200308_163027_compress59.jpg
A 1/2 inch bolt, some washers, a scrap of 2x6, a PVC pipe, some pipe tow down straps, and some various galvanized pipe and I'm mostly there with the leg. Had to add that piece at the bottom to keep there from being any flex. Worked like a charm!


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Made a quick table top from some 1/2 inch plywood that I had. Mounted it slightly offset to the flange so that it can be as adjustable as possible when swiveling. Don't mind the chair, I was just using it to get the height I wanted. Turned out great! Still some work to be done though.IMG_20200308_170239_compress89.jpgIMG_20200308_170253_compress63.jpgIMG_20200308_170308_compress70.jpg


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Onto the other project. My idea was to create a kind of a poor man's portable Trail Kitchens type set up. On our first trip I used a King Camp kitchen that you can see in my first photos. I liked the size, so decided to pretty much recreate my version with the same footprint.IMG_20200308_163134_compress23.jpgIMG_20200308_163152_compress18.jpgIMG_20200308_163207_compress2.jpg
I had an RV faucet and submersible pump from a setup I had with an all in one Jerry can already, so just repurposed everything for this. Added a cutting board counter top, removable collapsible sink, and a flip up extension.


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Here she is placed in the truck how I envision using it. I still need to add a 2nd deep drawer, a slide out tray for the Yeti and a grey tank that will fit next to the Jerry can. But easily movable once you take the Jerry can and Yeti out. Very light weight and can cook inside or outside with it. Oh and also going to paint all the panels once I finish everything else. That corner shelf will come in handy as well.IMG_20200308_172959_compress82.jpgIMG_20200308_173012.jpgIMG_20200308_173025_compress90.jpgIMG_20200308_173143_compress48.jpg

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