Peg Hammer Options?


I can't believe nobody is using an air hammer run off their ARB compressor. :coffee:



Dead blow from harbor freight, sizes from 1lb to 4lb, I think I have a 2 lb in my gear, was like $8 and works great.


I just keep a cheapo claw hammer and rubber mallet in my camp box. Seriously, just use your shoe or find a rock/thick branch when backpacking.

Of course you could always go this route if you're worthy...



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FWIW: We live in Colorado and camp and do event shows all over the US. Almost all the shows require a pop-up tent that needs to be staked in the ground. After 10 years of this I've experienced or seen tent and tent stake failures of all kinds. High winds are the number one killer. A flying 10x10 tent can and will cause thousands of dollars of damage (hitting the carbon fiber hood of a custom Sprinter van, hitting prototype/show vehicles, punch out the windows of new/display vehicles, etc.....) or seriously injuring someone. I've never had a tent stake failure due to high winds/rain and credit the Snow Peak steel tent stakes and hammer. The stakes are super strong and last 50 times longer then anything else I've tried. The hammer with it's tent stake removal claw makes pulling the stakes fast and easy. While they can be a little pricey to start, they have more then paid for themselves over the years. Cheers!4355EB34-AF3A-4F3E-BFA0-711FCF685E98.jpegFB14A1F8-9725-4EF8-B378-B4F9826E25A8.jpeg57B50EA5-778C-4A4B-867C-70A13ECEACEB.jpeg9C252116-6EC2-4EF0-A663-321B27100644.jpeg8CC5FEBA-F839-4872-90BA-CD0094FD6CED.jpeg
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Every tent I have bought in the past 50 years included a trip to a hardware store to buy 8" ardox Nails and tossing the silly pegs.
You can leave the hammer at home and just use a rock... or log.... which might balance out the weight difference.


This is the only hammer I carry.


I still have those nails 50 years later and use them every year to lay out landscape projects.
Note the yellow upside down paint which followed the string line held by the ardox nails.... 50 years from one set of "tent pegs".

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This thread is funny. I camped and backpacked for years and never knew there were dedicated hammers for pegs. I always thought people used whatever hammering tool they had in their tool box.
I have used a hammer from my car tool kit, hatchet/ axe or a rock. I have never brought a separate hammer just for tent or awning pegs. Always install on an angle pointy end down towards the tent or awning (guidelines) and in 35+ years never had a failure even in high winds, nor a problem pulling them out of the dirt/rock. I have had a few they were bent in great shapes from hitting rocks.
Now I feel like I am missing out.

For BritKLR I can see the need for something more robust for the 10x10 awning stake wise, still lost on the hammer though.


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About 20 years ago I bought a cheap (can't imagine it even cost $10) yellow-plastic-head hammer from Home Depot to drive tent stakes. Works far better than a random stick or rock, and I would buy another one in a heartbeat if I lost it. For me, that's the ultimate test for any bit of kit.


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still lost on the hammer though.

It's pretty slick. The hook on the hammer fits in the hole on top of the tent stake. This then gives you the ability to twist the stake " back and forth" to release the "suction" between the stake and dirt. This becomes a real issue in heavy clay soil or super hard dirt. The strap also can be placed over the wrist for additional pulling power. This all goes to making it easier and faster to remove the stakes without damaging them or the tent base versus kicking or hitting the stake get it to release from the ground.

Only one way, not the Only way.......Cheers!


It can be very hard to put drive stakes into a campsite pad that consists of a deep layer of stones covered with a thin layer of soil. I like this:
It's 3 tools in one: hammer, stake puller, and digger. The digger is effective for removing stones. I keep this tool in my car to break the window in an emergency.
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