Penasco to Kino Bay Sonora - May 2006


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We tried sticking to the coast as much as we could. there were places where you just couldnt due to estuaries or mountains.


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Congratulations, I think that area is great, I also notice you drove very close to Isla Tiburon by Punta Chueca, did you have any problems camping in the area due to the Seris?:Wow1:


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We didn't stay the night on the reservation. We had heard stories about some people getting shot or killed by the Seri. Our group didn't know what to expect. I was kind of nervous while we were there. We went by el desemboque with no problems waving at the Seri people. We went down to the beach where i found a non Seri local who had told me that they had caught the two seri brothers causing trouble. I felt less nervous about the whole thing. We ran the beach and found some Seri fisherman that didn't seem to be happy about us being there. We kept going on the beach, but got to a point where we had to jump back on the graded road. we went by punta cheueca without any problems either, Seri's waved back. I think anyone traveling in a group will be fine. I would never cross Seri territory alone. The Seri beach was just awesome, very beautiful. For anyone visiting kino bay, dont forget to stop my the Seri museum in new kino.

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