Pics - iPad mounted using Ram Mount Tough Wedge

I've been using Gaia GPS for years as my GPS. I've been wanting to mount my old iPad 2, but didn't want anything permanent, so I decided to try the RAM Mount Tough Wedge system. Bottom-line: I love it! I've just tested it with some light-to-rough offroading and it's rock solid. You can really pump up the Tough Wedge to be really tight between the center console and the passenger seat. I went with the 6" extension, so it doesn't interfere with my shifter or drinks in the cup holder. What I really like about this system is how easy it is and non-permanent...just depress the button to release the air and take it out. Too easy. If you're interested, here's the setup I'm using in my Xterra:
-- iPad 2 (have to have cellular in order to use GPS)
-- Beetle Defense iPad 2 case
-- RAM Tough Wedge with 1" ball
-- RAM Tough Wedge Expansion Pouch
-- RAM long length double socket arm for 1" ball
-- RAM Tab-Tite universal spring loaded cradle for 10" tablets with heavy duty cases

And, here are some pictures, so you can see how it comes together...
IMG_0704 Resized.JPG
IMG_0705 Resized.JPG
IMG_0706 Resized.JPG

Nope, no conflict with the shifter, everything works fine. There's different length arms you can buy from RAM, so you can get what works best for your vehicle. I'm using the 6" arm to get the clearance I need (I tried a shorter one, too, but it was too short). Even with the longer arm, everything locks in nice and tight and there's little-to-no vibration when off-roading.


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I've been using a Tough Wedge (without the expansion pouch) with an iPad Mini for nearly a year. It's very solid in my GMC Canyon. I use 2 of the 6" arms to get the iPad exactly where I want it.wedgie.jpg
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I also use a ToughWedge paired with an 8" arm and lightweight EZ-Rollr mount for my fullsize 5th-Gen Ipad in a 2002 Sierra. I'm always slightly annoyed by the typical movement in RAM mounts, but between the length of the arm, weight of the Ipad, and the 1" balls, there is more movement than normal on the highway, and entirely too much offroad. Can't blame RAM though, as the 1" balls are marginal for this weight. On the other hand, it's incredibly easy to put in place, or toss it in the backseat.

If it was available with a stiffer "Wedge", and "C" or "D" sized balls, I think it would be more suited for the heavier items.

I'll likely move to one of their fixed laptop mounts and reserve the ToughWedge for lighter items.

Yeah, that's what I was afraid of and was quite skeptical, too. But, I figured I could always return it to RAM Mounts if I didn't like it. To my surprise, it's super stable...I love it! And, I do a TON of off-roading in some very rough conditions. My two favorite things about it are: 1) that it's really configurable (there are many different types of "arms" to try) and 2) I didn't want something permanent, but performed as if it was permanent. This checks both those boxes.

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