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Todd n Natalie

Super cool!! You planning on doing anything to it? Looks like you still got a few weeks before you can take it out.
Probably a month or two until the street sweepers have been out. :(

Honestly, not a whole lot planned. I'm going to swap over my luggage from my previous bike, probably add a set of upper crash bars and a Quad Lock set up to mount my phone. Aside from that it pretty much came with everything I'd want. Comes with adjustable suspension and bars, fog lights, heated grips, heated seat, cruise control... Comes with a very beefy bash plate (watched a YouTube video of a guy bashing it with a hammer and it had no effect on it.) Also came with luggage racks.


Kapitis Indagatoris
A few from the ADV n00bs rally

Above the valley of Panamint

Reward Mine

down in the Valley of Panamint

Cleaning the former steps in Goler Wash / Canyon

Made it up and over Mengle Pass to the geologist cabin

Gearing up for the long ride out of the Butte Valley and the long way around back to Panamint Springs.


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new seat B copy.jpg

Bikeless in Alberta :-( Sold my classic (read "old") Seca when it dawned on me that I was spending more time on maintenance than riding. Still looking for the next one. Would love to find another atomic chainsaw...

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