Pics of your VAN! Post up!


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Just imported from BC this 1997 Delica LWB diesel with 38k miles! A minivan with lo-range, my dream vehicle! Planning a minimal camperization that retains the seats, so it can still be used to move people, but with heat and insulated curtains for winter camping. Need to bombproof it before we take it too far from home, which is an interesting problem for an older vehicle with such low miles. Also in the future are front swivel seats, 30-31" tires, a 1" lift, vent fan, custom bumpers, wvo conversion, and a roof rack.
I’ve never owned a Delica, but friends who do have told me they are great. They aren’t super powerful but get the job done. The heads are a potential issue, but seem to hold up if they aren’t pushed too hard.


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Thanks for posting. Is it built out on inside? Can we see pics? Is it a regular or extended?

It's not extended and has a mild build from a DIY kit you purchase. 148" Medium Roof - Passenger T350 with 200w solar up top, and two 100Ah batteries. 30g water tank and sink. Gas water heater for sink / outdoor shower. Propex gas heater for the cabin. Built-in platform bed, lighting and chargers throughout. Came with a Induction stove, but we removed it.



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Just starting a new Project - "Vantera" - 2008 E350 Diesel 4x4 conversion with F350 1ton running gear. Just had some rust repaired (around front windshield) and the rockers sprayed all the way around (properly to include inside of door jams). Not sure of exterior final plans, paint or wrap or... Have a Ujoint aluminum front bumper on the way, new rims and rubber being decide on now. Figuring out and fabbin' a sienna seat base set up for inside (will make it easy to remove back seats if we don't need them. Will also build a removable simple camping setup for it. Small stereo system with 8" display waiting on the bench for install as well.


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Stumbled on this little honey and couldn't pass it up. 1998 E-350 7.3l with only 105k on it. REALLY nice shape just out of service in October. Rural small town rig, one owner. Runs and drives like new, already titled as motor home. Trying to decide if I should convert it or flip it. I'll never find another in this condition again.


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My new van, a 2019 Ford Transit Custom.


It sits between the full size transit and the connect in the European model range. Is on the full size platform but only available fwd. (Full size Transit is available in front, rear or all wheel drive in the rest of the world)

Will post a build thread in the next few months, will be a basic camper setup inside but right now it's doing lots of great van things hauling stuff

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