Post pictures of your Land Rover.


Love the 109 ... did you change the interior? I don't recall seeing in one side and out the other at the back...thought there was a tall cupboard at the right rear.

I have always had two tall cupboards, one on each side sitting up front right behind the seats. The cooker unit is at the rear on one side and a single jump seat is at the rear on the other side.

rear interior.jpeg


Diggin those wheels.......what's the specs?
The wheels are genuine Land Rover wheels used on European spec Discovery I and Defender that did not have the alloys. The earlier US spec Discovery I had them as spare wheels.

They are 16" wheels 7" bead to bead making them the widest genuine LR steel wheels available. The Wolf wheels are only 6-1/2" bead to bead, and the widest Series wheel is 6 " bead to bead.

My wheels gives me a wider choice of tyres. My tyres are BFG Mud Terrain 255/85R16 which is about an inch taller than the 32" stock size and a little wider.


TeriAnn, is that a Defender rear door you swapped on? Any reason for ditching the Dutch door?

Yes it is a defender door that went in just under a year ago. And a Defender drop down rear step. There are two reasons for the swap.

1. With the tail gate I was crawling in and backing out on my hands and knees. With the door and and drop down step I could walk in and out.

2. The lift gate (Mine was side hinged) has a much smaller window than the read door and restricted my rear view more than the door window. Having a door window allows better vision whilst backing.

Negative: The tailgate gave me more floor space to stretch my legs while sitting in the back jump seat, it was a place to sit when outside the truck and a work bench when needed.


Mine isn't really worthy of this thread, some absolutely incredible machines in here!

07 Range Rover Sport S/C, going to be dipping my toes into overlanding! It's going to be a lightweight compared to many in here, so far it's just larger-than-oem 265/50/20 Nitto Terra Grapplers and a bunch of preventative maintenance. To finish it up I'll be adding a roof rack with storage up top for camping gear and supplies, some underbody protection, then the GF and I are planning a trip from WI - CO - UT - AZ and back while staying off the pavement as long as possible :)



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Here's a few updated pictures of my 1998 Defender 300Tdi 130 HCPU.


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