Post pictures of your Land Rover.

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Camping in a dry river bed near the Streslcki Desert SA on the way to Innamincka earlier this year. Felt like an idiot taking 2 kayaks on the Streslcki Track but found lots of water at Innamincka.


1991 ex-Australian Army Land Rover 110 "Perentie" Regional Force Surveillance Vehicle (RFSV). One of about 250 made, this one sports the upgraded mission kit as installed in most of the RFSV fleet around 2009-2010. The RFSV is the long range patrol version of the Australian Army Perentie and was used by Regional Force Surveillance Group units patrolling Australia's north. This particular vehicle operated out of Alice Springs in Central Australia.

Out of all of the 4x4 models of the Perentie, these RFSV variants are probably the most expedition-worthy right out of the box, having as they do dual fuel tanks, lower gearing in low range, upgraded diffs, disc brakes all round, power steering, 12v dual battery system, a 1m unprepared fording height, capacity to carry LOTS of extra fuel and water plus up to three spare wheels and you could probably chuck a fourth spare onto the roof rack. All with excellent lockable interior storage, a removable third seat in the rear (not road-legal unfortunately), and a well designed canvas canopy which definitely does keep the rain out.

I've had it since early April and it's become my daily driver. I'm looking forward to exploring northwestern Australia in it soon after the wet season breaks in 2023.

There's not really much to do to it, since it is so capable as it is, so my mods so far have been minor - extra driving lights (IR), extra UHF and HF antenna mounts, etc.


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Picked up this about 2 weeks ago. Been a while since I posted anything here on Expo. Last time I did, I was driving a kitted out LC 100. The goal is to build this out for a DD and "escape to the mountains" rig. Yeah, it's got street wheels and tires (for now) , but the one I ordered was on the boat coming to my dealer and my son smashed my truck into three cars, so I needed something el pronto. The good folks at JLR in Las Vegas had this gently used 2020 so I bought it. I've already started modding it with the easiest upgrade ever, WeatherTech floor mats all around ?. The guys at the dealership thought it was gonna be a mall cruiser, but I've been using it for my real estate projects. I wonder what they would think if I showed up with my stilts, painting tools, cordless kit, and a trash can full of trash stowed in the cargo area...cause I've already had that stuff in there ?.

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