Rhino Rack issues?

Background. I have a 2024 Rubicon x with a SOT. That means racks are hard to find especially with any capacity. ( I will be adding my snorkel so I can't run the ARS tube rack) After a lot of searching I went with the rhino rack high tower and aero bars 3 pairs. Just started to put it on and came across this issue.

When you go to clamp it down the metal clamp only latches on to the gutter.

(see attached pictures). The gutter appears to be a separate part of the roof like maybe an add on because there is a joint between the gutter and the roof.

It seems to me the metal clamp should go all the way under the gutter to the roof and fit tight against the gutter . Is this a manufacturing issue or bad design? Does it compromise the rack system.


  • gutter clamp 1.pdf
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  • gutter mount 3 at 6.52.58 PM.pdf
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  • metal clamp copy.pdf
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  • roof gutter mount.pdf
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Hmmm, I have the Bare Bones system on my Jeep, because the top (and gutters) are just fiberglass.

Didn't that fit for you roof as well? These clamps look sketchy and I cannot imagine that they hold well with weight on the bars. I agree with your assessment.

Can your bars be mounted on the Bare Bones system?

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