*RickRunner* - Rickashay's 05 T4R


Nice work on that!

Looks great.......very nice job and it takes a lot of patience........ can appreciate that........and I hope you are feeling better, the flu **********************......although as you get better, you appreciate the little things.....like being able to be vertical without a pounding headache.....

Thanks gents... It's all in the details.

Looking great. I hate the fact that you are closer to the border for shipping packages.

Lol I went to school in lethbridge, so I was an easy 45 minute drive from the border..... I feel like Calgary is far now. If you ever want to do a combo run to MT, let me know. I'll be making another trip down in Jan/Feb I presume.

So jealous! Just saw that you have individual climate control!

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Yah it's awesome! Actually my previous 08' 4runner was a Sport Edition and one had the single setting. The dual zone on the Limited is a welcomed addition.

Why did you rule out the Grabber X3 and Falken M/T but keep in the SST Pro?

There are a ton of tires on the market. I just have had best results from the Cooper/MT and Toyo/Nitto brands so that's where I'm sticking. Not a huge fan of the tread designs on the General tires particularly.

That wrap job looks great. Nice work! I need to wrap a few pieces on the Tundra.

Thanks! Gunna wrap the dash too?

Side note... Headed to Montana on Saturday to pick up all my suspension. The bonus is that my wheels also got finished ahead of schedule and are there waiting as well! Christmas comes early!:sombrero:


Such a tease...

Who? Me? lol

IMG_8465.jpg by Addison Rickaby, on Flickr

I consider myself pretty fortunate to be a member of #teamstealth. All the way back to when I won the contest on T4R with "The Duster" when the first SCS F5's were rolling out. It's been great working with Vin over the years on all of my builds. He's a solid dude with an eye for simple and clean designs and I applaud him for that. As always, glad to rep his products. Having some sent to OMF Performance for the beadlocks something I've pondered for a while and the timing just worked out in my favor this time around. Super pumped to get some tires on em'!

I need to find time to do a proper shoot of the wheels. Hopefully before I head to the mountains for Christmas holidays.


Oh man those center caps :drool:

Thanks mang. They are pretty cool. Had them sitting in my garage for over a year. Stoked to finally run them. Still debating if I should paint the "TRD" though. I think painting the red black would be pretty deadly but maybe too subtle. Or I get "crazy" and do turquoise.

You should see the wheels in person. Pictures don't do them justice

Thanks Matt. Good to grab a pint last night.

Just gorgeous

lol thanks Shaun. I have actually been debating if I should use them as end-tables. They are too pretty to scratch up!

Slick. SCS wheels are so subtle, been debating offloading mine for some F5s.

Agreed. Simple and clean designs. Love how mine turned out... fairly low key and clean. A set of F5's would be unreal ( I was on the fence about getting the F5's converted myself). Your TRD wheels are pretty unique though... and I love that you are rocking silver and not black like the masses.

One more...

IMG_8467.jpg by Addison Rickaby, on Flickr


Addison I had a buddy in highschool that used his wheels as a coffee table when it was winter.. was pretty wicked & ya almost too pretty scratch & get dirty.. what tire size going with?? & cant't wait to see them mounted


The machined ring with recessed bolts looks amazing. My dream wheels are bronze f5s with the same beadlock ring. Well done.


Looks fantastic Addison!
What kind of Center caps are those? Stock Toyota?
I wouldn't mind putting some Center caps on my F5s

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