Roofnest Sandpiper & Rock'n'roll seat for Sale and/or whole van


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We are buying an actual RV as we dont have time to convert our van ourselves as we originally thought. Therefore, we are selling our 2018 Nissan NV200 as is with insulated floor installed, the tent, seat, and windows installed, or we will sell individually as well.

- 2018 Nissan NV200: Very low miles, ~14,000 miles, installed windows on driver sliding door and passenger sliding door, as well as rear driver quarter panel. However, they leaked slightly when I tested it, so all aftermarket windows have white caulking around side/top. Floor is insulated with foam insulation with plywood on top. Is bolted down with the rock n roll seat and in front to prevent floor from coming up. Also installed Noico noise reducing foil on outsides to prevent tinny sound and make it quieter. We bought the van for $18,500 last April for trips. Since we added roof racks with tent ($3100), seat ($3500), floor/insulation/foil ($150), and windows ($500)....for total additions of ~$7,250. Asking for $19,000 as whole or OBO.

- Roofnest Sandpiper tent: Never actually camped with it. Installed and had on trip but we stayed in hotels. Slept in it one night at the house to try it out. No known issues other than the roof rack rails went from black to goldish from being in the sun. Bought for $2850 last year. Have collapsible ladder with bag, LED light, etc. that came with tent.

- Rock N Roll Seat: Bought for $3500 from Smart Beds (Smart Bed Evolution II). Only issue is headrests are extremely difficult to get out sometimes. Is currently bolted to the floor of the van but can be sold separately.

Van with tent and seat: $19,000.00
Van without tent and seat: $15,000
Roofnest tent: $2000
Seat: $2500

Please feel free to ask me any questions or concerns. Will post pictures when I get a chance of the van and items. Local pickup only (Las Vegas, NV).


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Alright, got both the tent and seat out today. Here are some photos of each. I will be taking more of the tent later with it open and the inside.



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Tent is now $1800 and seat is $2000. Need to get rid of them. Let me know any questions or concerns. Thanks.


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Tent just sold. Seat available for $1500. Send me your email for photos so I can share directly with that email.

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