Round Off-road lights... What to do?


I'm looking for a few round off-road lights preferably flood but might use a couple of spots would be good too.

There are thousands of Chinese LEDs on eBay but I have no ide what to do. I know I don't want $500.00 lights but something that's rugged since It for off road use.

I prefer round because their going on an old Landcruiser.


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Kragen HID's. Or any of the other identical chinese off road HIDs, they work excellent and usually run around 100$ a pair. Most have a red trim ring but can easily be painted. I noticed pro comp has their name on what looks to be the same ones now and they're black and silver.


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I have 4 of the Chinese knock-off HID's with the red ring, 2 spot, 2 flood. Have had them about 2 1/2 years, and have had no problems. They are insanely bright, and other than the red ring fading quickly, they still look good. Usually I'm a proponent of you get what you pay for, but these things have been the exception!


I'm with you, I just prefer round lights on older trucks. I have Vision-X LED's. Very high quality lights with precision optics. Not cheap but good value for the price. They have a fluted housing that acts as a heat sink and built in adjustment knobs.



I have some 4 inch round 27 watt TTX Lighting el-cheapo in my bumper and they would surprising well. I like them better than the round PIAAs they replaced that cost far more.

I did get to see a buddy's 42 watt Kawell version and those are better but 3 times the price, yet still cheap enough they will likely be tacked on the next Amazon order to try.


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I have one of the LED light bars I bought for my wifes SUV. Doesn't get used much, more for aesthetics, but it has been ok. Based on reviews I has seen, I pulled it apart and resealed the lens first due to several people saying theirs has started showing moisture inside the lens.


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I have hella 500s with 55w HID installed. Insanely bright, great focused light and cheap as chips.


Spend the money. Get the good stuff (Vision X, ARB, Lightforce).


I got these 4 6.25" Circular LEDs for $120 (7" total diameter):
I've got no idea why I'm not allowed to post links (anyone care to clue me in?! ;) )...but go to Amazon & search for "Stansen 51w"

& they're bright as all h*ll too! All four only draw 16 amps total IIRC
low beams/hi beams/LEDs on roof

(aaannddd....apparently I'm not allowed to link to pics either??! ugh :-\ )


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Old skool calls for old skool



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I'll be swapping my 20" LED bar back to my two Hella 4000 compacts (Euro beam) whenever I get back to the States. I've been happy with them; my old Tacoma had the full sized Hella 4000s and I liked them as well they were just huge. I had Hella 500s on my VW and my FJ40.

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