RR Evoque or Discovery Sport


Is there no love for either of these two vehicles???
Given the current cost of gas, i am considering something more practical since my current fun rig is also my daily beater.
Either of these two deliver great mileage and according to the dealer they are very capable vehicles.
Wondering if anyone here has any first hand experience with them.
Not looking at doing anything crazy, mostly get out on the weekends with a couple of bikes, a tent and a cooler and go off into the desert to explore.

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pretty fun reviews out there on the tube. TFL is always entertaining.

I didn't think the Discovery Sport had a lot of bang for the buck when it came to creature comfort features versus competition in the same segment when I was looking at a new car back in 2017. Seemed very expensive for what you got.


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Not looking at doing anything crazy, mostly get out on the weekends with a couple of bikes, a tent and a cooler and go off into the desert to explore.
you can do that with a Crown Vic or anything else that turns yer crank. Is the Range Rover a good buy, smart investment is another discussion


The Mk1 Evoque shares a lot of running gear etc from the LR2.
Just in a different body style.

Disco Sport doesn’t have much/if anything from the LR2.

I have a 2014 Freelander 2 so the Evoque in a slightly more practical shape.
For a daily it’s actually pretty good.
Still has that decent driving position, it’s quiet at speed, also rather capable in adverse weather conditions.
Mine has all season tyres fitted and it’s done everything asked of it, from 6+” of snow, tackled flooded roads and been safe and planted during storms.

Make sure the haldex is serviced as they never get done.
Get the autobox serviced.
Back shocks are a weak point, I’ve had mine changed with new rear springs.

As long as you aren’t trying to cross the Darian Gap, they will be safe, economical and well equipped cars for you.

I would aim for a top of the range or similar spec car for the toys and equipment.


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They’re glorified crossovers (at best) with good terrain response. Had a loaner Disco Sport and was really underwhelmed. Honestly might as well get a Ford Maverick or a Subaru if you want better mileage and no low range


I’ve owned a variety of Rovers over 20 years, RRC’s, D2’s, LR3, RRS and an Evoque. Evoque was a great daily, fun to drive, sharp steering and the ivory interior lovely. Only downside was space…I’d recommend one if you have no kids, if you do the Disco Sport is the direction I’d go. Sport mode peps up the driving for sure, the lag does take a minute to get used to otherwise when hitting accelerator from dead stop.

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They are good vehicles.

If you do a lot of highway driving, the Evoque is a much more comfortable and fun to drive. The discovery sport will have a better trunk area and has coil springs instead of air. X2 the cargo area of the evoque is borderline useless. Fine if you never use it to take the family on vacation but the second you need to move more than 3 pieces of luggage, it starts to get cramped back in there.

A family member of mine just got a 2021 Disco sport. Its been great and very comfortable. It'll handle gravel, dirt, grassy, and snowy terrain just fine. Don't expect to take it into any mud pits.

In all honesty, if you need around town economy, seriously look at a late model nissan leaf. They got their act together on this car and its cheap and efficient. Also consider smaller Hyundai cars. My Elantra GT was a champion and the newer Elantra sedans are actually really decent. Unlike rovers, Hyundais are cheap to own/operate/maintain and will give you the desired overall low ownership cost you are looking for. While I do love my disco 5, I miss having a smaller car in the city.



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