San Diego: RTT Freespirit Recreation ADVENTURE GS 55” - $1200

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The Freespirit Adventure Gas Strut rooftop tent is my favorite RTT on the market. It features a dual gas strut assist mechanism that automatically sets your tent up after releasing a single latch. The set-up time is crazy fast.

I would say it's almost as fast as a hardshell but weighs way less. Light enough at 118lbs for two people to take on and off (I have mine mounted with the Frontrunner quick release).

My favorite part of this tent is how much you can store inside the tent (bedding/pillows) and how much you can store on top of the tent as well (ie flat table). It's pretty crazy how much you can fit compared to other RTT's on the market. They designed this tent to haul stuff with extra space under the PVC cover.

I've added a 2" memory foam topper and a padded mattress cover to make this the most luxurious night's sleep out in nature.

I've used the tri-layer premium FSR tents as well, they're great, but unless you need a hardcore 4-season tent for insulation during the most intense winter nights, this tent will definitely keep you toasty.

PVC cover is in good shape with no holes.

The front door has two black marks from the ladder rubber rubbing off. I keep the ladder in a trash bag to avoid that happening anymore. Only one small tear (1") in the netting from a zipper.

Reason for sale: wife is pregnant and with our first baby and we will probably rent a Sprinter for camping trips in the near future.

I'd prefer pick up, but if you need the tent dropped off we can probably arrange something.

Exterior Closed Dimensions: 85"L X 60"W X 9"H
Weight: 118 lbs
Sleeping Capacity: 2-3 people


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