Scepter 5 gallons military fuel/gas jerry can. $110 each

I am currently in Alaska on vacation and have 6 of these in my car to sell when I get back into the US. Or I xan sell it if someone is here in Alaska and wants one. I plan to enter the US through Seattle and then start my journey back to Texas. I am willing to possibky drop this off in person along my way if it fits my route and your schedule or you make some sacrifice to meet me in person.

Here is my road trip that I am currently on, if you want to figure out where I am or where I will be. If you wish to buy 1 or more.

Texas to Alaska to Texas. 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid. July/August 2023

I may buy more on my way through Canada again, but as of now, I bought all from the stores I went to and found out that this is in very short supply. Since half of the stores I stopped at did not have any in stock.

$110 for 1.

$100 if you buy 2 or more.

Send me your number so we can text, if you are interested. Last year, I was lucky to buy 15 and sold all of them before I got back home to Houston, TX.

This year, I have only 6 so far. I may buy more if I get more interested parties and if the border patrols let me cross with so many.



Looks like you went up through CO but if you come back down through here I’d be interested in one can. I’m actually on the west side of CO near Grand Junction but depending on your timing I might be near Denver.

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I am willing to sell all 10 as a package deal to someone who is willing to give me a good offer to buy all 10. Someone who is able pick them up. I am willing to drive to meet a buyer willing to buy all 10 for a deal. PM me if interested.
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If there is anybody wiling to buy all 10 Jerry Cans at one time, I can sell them all for a discount. Let me know. I can even deliver them in person up to 2 hours or 120 miles away from me. I can do a quick round trip to deliver.

Let me know if interested.

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