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New to slide ins, We have a Palomino B600. Can we sleep in it with the camper off the truck. My physical science days have a nightmare of me and the wife in the loft and it falling forward. Any knowledge appreciated.


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I've heard of the jack points on the camper being overstressed by the additional load of a couple people inside. I hadn't thought of it tipping over.

I think putting a couple of saw horses under it in addition to the jacks would be fine.


When we went to CO to look at Hallmark campers they had a showroom model of the one we were looking for. It was an Everest ( 8.5') with the North South bed. It was on the 4 jacks but close to the ground. Matt said it was all right to climb up there and see how if felt which we did without any problems.

Don't know about other campers but it was a non issue with them and part of the reason we bought one!


I have slept in our older Phoenix with no problems off the camper. Hell, it sits in our driveway and is used as a guest room if needed. No problems. If you go to any sportsman shows or camper displays, they will usually be displayed off the truck and people climb in and out of the bed all day with no problems. However, floor support is critical and taking weight off the jacks will extend their life. I travel with a pair of these: The pair supports 2,200 lbs which is more than enough for most pop-ups. Very easy to stash away as well.


About 6-7 years ago my 2 sons and I slept in ours regularly while it was off the truck right up until one of the jacks gave out and it rolled over. Felt like slow motion except for the TV and VCR bouncing off of my head. My youngest refused to ever go in it again. Little damage to the camper, just the plywood that tore out around the jack point.

Unfortunately I have no recollection of what brand it was other than it was a pop up and it had a 3 jack system. No rot, just physics.


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One of Northstar's marketing videos shows several people climbing out of an unmounted camper with the idea being that there's no problem using it like that. The video implies that other pop ups might not fare as well. I worry about my 850SC tipping over with nobody in the bed but maybe I'm just overly cautious.


I'd check with the manufacturer to see if it's okay to use the camper at all with it off the truck. Most campers it's fine but a few of the cheaper low end ones it's not. No offense but a Palomino is about as low end as they come. (I owned one.)
As for it tipping over there's no issue. For some reason many people seem to think this would be a big problem. It's not. As has been said, people get in them all the time on RV lots and at RV shows with no problems. If you think about where the pivot point is, the front jacks, it's the same place whether on a truck or not. Nobody worries if the camper will tip forward and dent the roof of the truck cab but they worry about it if it's off the truck. The weight distribution is the same, the pivot point is the same. No problem.
Yes, I know when it's on the truck there are rear tie downs that would prevent it pivoting forward. I assure that is not the purpose of the tie downs. Their to keep it from moving around when the truck is in motion.


Lying in the bed now. All good. 3 Rd night in our new to us camper. Loving it.

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The wife and I are new popup camper owners and wondering about the same thing. She was inside cleaning while on the jacks and I was outside working. It might be OK but I don't like the flex at the jack brackets. Our 2009 truck with the older model camper the brackets are too close to to the bed side. I plan to make some plywood stands to park it on when not on the truck that break down and go between the camper/truck bed while hauling.


No problems off the truck at all. We had a great week.

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I think the manufacturer should document if its ok. Could be in the form of load rating inside the camper while on its jacks. If they don't tell you, then I wouldn't do it.

Of course they would let people inside during a demo to sell it. There is no wind loading on the show room floor. There are no earth quakes on the show room floor (guessing). Determining its safe probably depends on a few things like the weight and environment. Side to side movement with weight inside may push design limits of the bracing. Been in Inyo NF area in CA for 4 months and have been in 2 quakes. Last one being a 4.6 with the epicenter 20km away. Lake Isabella had 80 MPH winds a 4(ish) months ago. NFW would I want to be on stilts riding out that weather nor a 4.6 quake.

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