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Anybody have any recommendations? Would prefer just to run one fuel source. Do they make small diesel generators? Only found one that seemed portable enough.


Tons of small diesel APUs in modern commercial trucks. They are efficient at about one gallon per 8 hours running a robust air conditioner but they are loud (louder than you want on a camping rig anyway) , they are big and they are expensive. Mine is a Yanmar powered Thermo King Tripac. About $10k for the entire APU but includes generator, Espar furnace, etc. Also, they run thousands and thousands of hours without maintenance, definitely commercial grade.

I realize this isn't really the answer to your question @11overlandram, but yes they exist.
Heavy noisy and polluting.
You have one under the bonnet, along with an alternator, all wired up. Use it. Add a second alternator if you wish.
Cheaper, lighter, quieter, cleaner.
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Yeah all of what you guys say makes a ton of sense. Just seems weird that no one makes a small portable one. Plenty of small Diesel engines to be had.
I would do the alternator but I don’t want to leave the vehicle running while I am away from it. I want to be able to leave my pets when it’s hot and have the AC on for them. I guess propane is the next best thing as I will probably be running a propane stove now that I don’t see an option for me to be on a single fuel.

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Check Winco, Generac, Gillette, and Yanmar. They all make "small" open frame diesel generators. The main issue is these will be heavy and the smallest is about 5kW. Also pricing is going to start around $5,000 USD. Oh and just as an extra bit, they'll weigh about 200lbs and go up from there.

If you need 5kW or more, then this is viable. If you need less than 5kW, then I'd be REALLY looking at a quiet little inverter and a gas can or two.

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