Smaller/smallest wheels on a QX56 or QX80?

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Hello all,

I've recently become very interested in this platform my next vehicle. One thing that really puts me off, however, is how many of them come with 22s. When I look at the usual online retailers, nobody lists a smaller wheel option than the stock 20" size. I want to go smaller than that. Looking at some of the builds on here, like Sooper Camper's, e61overland's, and leeleatherwood's, I see plenty of 17" and 18" wheels being run, but they also have more suspension modifications going on than I'm after at this stage.

Is going to something like an 8.5 width and an 18mm offset enough, or will something have to be done with spacers or other modifications to make them fit and keep within the wheel wells? I apologize if this is a basic question, but I don't have a really strong grasp of where offsets and widths put things in relation to the stock setup. And, if it's as easy as that, why places like The Tire Rack don't include these smaller sizes in their -1 wheel size options like they do for some other vehicles.

Many thanks!


Welcome to the club. I have 18x9 with 18 offset and 295 tires. I had zero rubbing with a fully stock suspension. You should be totally fine with something like that. No spacers or other mods needed.

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Sooper Camper

Icon's Toyota-oreinted 6-lug offerings fit perfectly. Have to be half awake when the weights are going, to make sure they won't interfere with a caliper (if you're using stick on weights). I didn't have to modify anything on the suspension to fit a 17" wheel, you could absolutely put 17s and stock OD tires on if you wanted to. I went with 17s because they're cheaper and there's slightly more options in tire.

Quite simply, no one is really building these for the purposes we want (yet). TireRacks fitments are centered around OEM fitments for minimum liabilities. They're all gonna come with 20-22" wheels for 2 reasons: 1) it's what the competition comes with (Escalade, Navigator, etc) and 2) the wheel wells are HUGE on these. The city/street oriented customer these are intended for in North America cares far more about appearance and on-road handling than anything else. Most of these, will have never been put into 4wd unless it was launching a boat, or by accident.

I've never used offset as a fitment guide, backspacing is what generally matters to me. They both say the same thing, but offset distance from center of the wheel shell (and is relative to the wheel width). Backspacing is absolute...4.5" backspacing means 4.5" backspacing, regardless of whether it's a 5" wheel, or 10" wheel. Since the major constraint is generally how much room you have on the inside before the wheel interferes with the steering knuckle, that's the one that matters IMO.

Heres a guide we made at my old shop:


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The Armada SV comes with 18s stock. That would maybe be a route to check out since you could probably pick up some OEM 18s relatively cheap.


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2014 QX80
KMC Technic in black, 18x9+18 6x139.7
Falken Wildpeak AT3W in 295/70R18
That being said, its a little too much tire. There is some rubbing on hard crank of the steering, and on full compression in the rear.
maybe when the air suspension pumps up a little like it does when we are offroadign iot will be better.


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