Smittybilt EPS Inverter Generator - 2786


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Looks almost stock
Thank you. The adapter bolts on and retains the factory spark arrestor. This adapter I purchased on ebay. It is stainless steel as is the elbow that I used. I think most of the time I use this generator sending the exhaust up will be a better choice for the locations that I plan to use it. If I get a little more sound reduction...that is a bonus :)


I think I need a bigger truck!
FWIW, the gen I had that burned oil was a 1200w/1500w Champion. It lasted about 1200 hours and was still running fine, but with only 1/2 quart oil in the crankcase it got to the point where the low oil sensor would shut it down before it ran through a full tank of gas, so I replaced it.

What I recently purchased was another Champ. 1500w/1800w rating. Their phone tech told me it's basically the same gen - the same engine but a beefier alternator.

Champion has unbelievably good support. Also has a 3 year warranty but one of their guys told me it doesn't apply if used for a dwelling, and an RV counts as a dwelling. So if you buy one and have an issue, just don't mention that part.

That's good to know about the Champion for support and warranty. I have been looking for a generator for our trailer, and they have some pretty good sale pricing from time to time. I did a walk around the big Provincial Campsite we were in with our Travel Trailer last summer... and found that overall the Champion were almost as quiet as the Honda units. Pretty impressive in a real world setting...especially for less than 1/2 the price.


Timely post... I have the Smittybuilt. As someone mentioned the first one I received would not start. I tried everything they suggested and they finally replaced it. The replacement fired right up :) I bought mine because on one camping trip, with friends, we had a glitch. My buddy and I were out all day paddling in the rain. My wife and his wife (bud was tent camping) were in my FWC out of rain. Here in TX hot and muggy so they decided they wanted AC. They could not pull the Honda to get it started. Researched and saw the Smittybuilt was elec start and remote start. Bought and have not looked back. I REALLY like being able to fireup and use until sleep time for AC and such. Then while in bed I can use remote to turn off without having to get up and go outside. One big drawback is it's bigger and heavier but not that bad. FYI as recommended by a friend I fire-up my gen sitting at home every couple weeks if it has not been used. Those little gen carbs can gum up if not careful. I know Honda has a mod that allows you to run all gas out of the system for storage I wish I could figure one out for Smittybuilt. Now that it's cool my gen does not get used :(


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I am right there with ya on the electric heat for the interior. Mine uses a Zerostart cabin heater. Plugged into shore power it keeps the windows defrosted and ready to go at a moments notice. Important for a first responder. I can use it for camping too if I need to. A little 900w generator will run it.
AC is a different story. I went with this one: Champion 3400 dual fuel.
2000w was not quite enough to run the portable AC unit when it is hot outside. It was working it hard when it did run the AC. The 3400 doesn't work hard at all. Better to be a little over sized for the demand , than undersized.
It is electric start. Should not be too hard to add a remote start relay If I needed one.
I added an an adapter , elbow and muffler to direct the exhaust upward. Works great and quiets it just a little more.

I have had good luck with Champion. Our back up power for the house is a larger Champion. It has been a great back up power supply for years.

We like the Propane option. That is our back up plan fuel. That made the dual fuel generator our choice. Given your needs how about this one: Champion 3100 w/remote start

Notice that it has the correct RV 30a plug for a trailer connection. That is nice. No adapters :)

I also had to make modifications to my generator myself, but it was a one-time procedure. It has become much more convenient, I completely agree with you.


Followup on my post. I have since added a manual inline fuel cutoff. So now I can run all gas out of system before it shuts off for sitting in shop until next run. Seems to be working fine :)

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