Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

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You inspired me, I just had to replace a taillight. I stared a Google Doc, this link should allow you to comment or I can send you and edit link.

Cool, that will be a good list to have. I keep a binder with all my manuals, diagrams (wiring, water, etc.), parts list, and inventory in the trailer just in case.
If it helps with your google doc there is a parts list from SB on page 189 of this forum, post #2824.


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Does anyone know what hubs I should buy to replace the 5 lug ones that come with the scout? I want to put on my methods I bought for it, but they are 6 lug. The methods are a 6 lug pattern with the following specs:

size: 17x9
offset: -44mm
PCD: 6x139.7
hub: 108.00mm

Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!

Thank you!
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I looked for some when I got my Scout back in 2017. I searched the internet and several trailer supply stores near me. No luck. I ended up getting some wheel adapters to convert to 6 lug. They have been working fine so far. It pushes the tire out a smidge but not too much IMO.



I tried to find them for someone else a couple years ago and was unable to. It was something similar to these... don't recall the exact specs needed.


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Hey all, I've searched the thread to no avail. TRAILER COVER? I need one. Anyone found a decent universal trailer cover application that fits to just even keep the sun and elements off? Cheers.


This has worked well with my SB Overland Gen 2 XL folded RTT. It covers the RTT, trailer and part of my spare tire that is on the front, and my Rhino batwing. It keeps the whole thing from getting too much sun damage and extra moisture.


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Not sure if OK to do this, but I just listed our Scout + RTT and a couple of other goodies in the classified section. I now a lot of y'all are enthusiasts, but there are probably some folks here that are considering picking up a Scout. Our trailer has been so good to us these past 2 seasons, and it's been a lot of fun to dial in. We're considering going full time, so we've upgraded to something with some more creature comforts.

Here's the listing.

If cross posting listings is not cool for this thread, LMK and I'll happily remove.

Big thanks to the community for all of the rich knowledge and inspiration these past couple of years!

xo ThePlaid


For those that installed the Harbor Freight tongue boxes over the fenders, how did you attach them? I thought about taking off that Smittybilt sign thing that is about 2' long and flush mounting it to the box. But then I read something that said that the 2'x4" piece is a structural piece? I thought it was there for design, but I guess not?

Just wondering how others attached it. Thanks!


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Smitty told me they are of structural nature. Mine went on the inside as well.

I second the motion. I flipped mine to the inside.

Also put two more tongue boxes on their back on the roof and now the lids double as shelves

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