So, what's in your Recovery Bag?


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I'm finishing up the design on one of my new gear bags and was curious what experienced EP members carry in their Recovery Bags? I was lucky enough get to observe and learn what the pros carry down at the I4WDTA last year but, I'd love to hear what you find useful and carry. Thanks!



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Mine is constantly changing because I am always developing new gear and ideas, but the basics are.

'Recovery' is a pretty broad thing for me.

-Some way to air the tires down (and back up). Airing down is usually the first thing I try in most situations.


-Kinetic Recovery Rope. Something about 25' long x 7/8 or 1" diameter lately.

-At least a half dozen misc soft shackles that aren't married to specific gear

-2, maybe 3 ( cause I was playing with backwards winching the other day ), of my Recovery Ring Packages. My new recovery rings allow a lot of new advanced techniques like double rigging.

-For a receiver hitch based recovery point, I use one of my SSRA devices with a dedicated pre-rigged soft shackle. All my vehicles are 2.0 hitch, but I usually have a separate 2.5 unit just in case....or a sleeve adapter. A 2.5 to 3.0 adapter is also nice to have. Don't forget a spare hitch pin or two.

-Two ( or more) 3" wide by 8' long Flat Straps. They work great for Tree Straps, building independent leg bridles, or a short tow strap system on the trail along with lots of other uses.

-At least one 8400lb (lift) rated endless sling. The 6 footers are pretty useful when you need to go around something a bit sharper than normal. I like how the load bearing inner is well protected by the outer sheath. Cheap to replace when they get damaged. Can also be looped over large rocks or stumps.

-Winch extension. Usually something about 100' long, but I have a few different options these days to experiment with.

-One hard shackle in most of the common sizes just in case I have to rig to a hard edge existing recovery point on another vehicle.

-Gloves are kept handy in the glove box or center console.
-Winch controller is where I can reach it from the drivers seat


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I have different bags for different things. Along with my tools, I have a recovery strap, dog bone and two shackles behind my front seat. Easy to get to for a quick recovery.

In the back, are another recovery strap, dog bone, shackles, tree saver, snatch block and winch extension.
I also have a easy to grab bag with tire plug kit and tire repair stuff.


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I have a large ARB recovery bag with a 3", 30k lbs 30 foot strap, multiple 7/8" shackles, several soft shackles, a snatchblock, a tree saver strap, high visibility work gloves (for spotting after the inevitable rock stacking and rigging for a recovery), and a spare hitch pin with cotter pin. I used to carry a SPOT Messenger unit in that bag too, but I don't carry one of those anymore.


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snatch strap
(Crosby) shackles
winch extension strap
snatch block
tree saver
drag chain
winch controler
chain saw (at least one in the convoy)
snow chains (winter trips)

In addition to a full compliment of tools, air compressor, plug kit, and sidewall patch kit.


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