SOLD - 08 Toyota LandCruiser Overland Built - SoCal



2008 Toyota Land Cruiser, 190K miles

The car spent most of it’s life in Mississippi and it was maintained and lightly built by the crew at 49Tires.

I bought this LC in Dec 2017 with 165k miles and since then I’ve continued to built it and done all the preventive maintenance possible to ensure I build a rig that would safely and comfortably take me to remote places when I travel solo or in a group.

The built:
  • ARB front bumper color matched to the body
  • RLC rear bumper with jerrycan carrier (shown in the last picture - only installed it once for a trip in Death Valley) - color matched to the body
  • White Knuckle sliders with diamond plate
  • Ironman Cellfoam Pro front and rear. Front ones have been installed this year
  • SPC upper control arms installed this year
  • Smitthybilt X2O 12,000 lbs winch with remote (I never had to use it to recover my rig but it came in handy to rescue others twice)
  • TJM Offroad recovery gear kit
  • ARB drawers (one slides)
  • ARB 50L fridge with jacket
  • ARB onboard compressor
  • 5 new, purchased this year 33” Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires with warranty and lifetime balance (the spare is brand new, the tires have ~5K miles)
  • Kenwood 710G dual band ham radio with APRS (your family can monitor your travel and you can send some messages). The remote head of the radio is attached to the seat mount - no holes in the dashboard. The unit is in the back under the drawer’s wing.
  • Ram Mounts wedge tablet holder (fits 10” iPads) for easier navigation without drilling in the dashboard (call it a pet peeve of mine)
  • Full LEDs interior lights
  • Tinted all-around
  • Bright headlights
  • Blue Ridge attic for jackets and blankets
  • Audiovox rear-view mirror - records continuously front and back
  • Xped MegaMat 10 (purchased this year from REI and used once) so you could fly-in, drive&camp wherever you want. The mat fits perfectly over the drawers and one person will sleep like a king.
  • New cryo-treated rotors and brake pads (installed last year)
  • New group 31 battery
  • Green trasharoo
Preventive maintenance list - all OEM parts:
  • New radiator
  • New water pump
  • All new belts
  • New charcoal canister
  • New PCV valve
  • New starter
  • All fluids replaced including front and rear diff, transfer case, transmission flush (at Toyota), steering wheel fluid, brake fluid

The KDSS valves are clean and work. The passenger seat belt recall was done earlier this year.
The car was recently professionally detailed. Smog and CA registration renewal were just done in Jan.

The less than perfect - this car was not a garage queen:
  • some rock chips on the front of the car mostly
  • the windshield has a couple of small rock chips
  • no rust but the frame has some oxidation
  • The rims have some scratches
  • The parking sensors don’t work
The 3rd row seat was removed to make room for the drawers but it’s available if you want it. I’m not looking to part out anything on this truck.
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Snow on the Roof
Like the Kenwood 2 m/70 cm radio you are including. How did you run the antenna cable to the radio body?


@TexasD-90 - I've added some images with the drawer and the fridge setup
@WU7X - the antenna is mounted on the hatch and I routed the cable around the rubber gasket of the body, then through a grommet that is where the right-hand side brake lamps is and that connects inside the car. I did not drill any holes but it was a bit of pain. The radio body is mounted under the right hand side arb wing/filler and has two external speakers on top of this small wing, between the fridge and the window. Then I routed the cable that connects to the remote faceplate under the door trim to the front.


Shoot, that looks great, as all 200s should look! LMK if you would be interested in a built 100 plus cash.


I went from a built 200 to a Model 3 Performance and a Sprinter. I definitely miss the 200, but 0-60 in 2.9 seconds doesn’t get old! GLWS George!


@MTSN - thank you Matt, I‘m on the fence between the long range awd and the performance ... and torn if I should sell the LC. no funds to add a sprinter in the foreseeable future.

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