SOLD: 1995 F350 7.3L w/ Grandby camper & Alumline flat bed


Hello hello! This truck is currently in Denver, Colorado.

1995 F350 4x4, extended cab, 7.3L turbo diesel w/ 1988 Grandby Pop up and Alumline flat bed

: $33,000

A bit wild to post this for sale but it's time for a new adventure. My beloved 1995 *F350* 7.3L turbo diesel is looking for a new home (F250 by VIN, but it's an F350 now in practice)

Between 1994.5 and 1997 Ford didn't make the F350 in extended cab, it was only available in single cab or 4 door. So I dropped a Dana D60 solid front axle from a 1996 F350 and made the truck Ford didn't. This is a very common swap in the OBS world (Old Body Style).

Everything of importance between the F250 and F350 of that generation was just the same, so the D60 can bolt right in without modification. The only difference between the two of that generation was the F350 did have taller rear blocks and one extra leaf pack.

At the time of the swap I moved to 2002 F350 leaf springs, which is a much improved design and gave the truck a WAY nicer ride. I used the Sky Offroad kit:, also that time I was had the knuckle machined by Sky Offroad for cross over steering and this fixed any issues there.

I don't say this lightly: Literally everything has been done to this truck that you would want done.


- 1995 Ford F250 w/ the 7.3L Turbo Diesel engine @ 165,000 miles

- Rear seat folds completely flat, lovely platform for a dog

- New Corbeau front seats:

- FJ40 tan paint color

- Intercooled!

- Strong A/C & Cruise Control

- Hydra Chip with custom tunes. Has tunes from no black smoke to crazy power

- 37x12.5 r17 Cooper AT3 XLT tires on Black aluminum rims

- 4.10 gears

- Yukon hubs

- ARB Front Locker & Detroit rear locker

- 36 gallon rear fuel tank & 19 gallon front

- Front Runner roof rack. Holds a pelican chest & 4 MaxTrax (not included)

- Extreme Air Magnum on board compressor:

- Buckstop front bumper & Warn 16.5ti-s winch

- 4 gauge pod of Autometer Ford Match gauges: Boost / EGT / Water Temp / Trans Temp

- LED headlamps & newer housings

- Ceramic window tinting, stuff is amazing at blocking heat

- 1988 Grandby pop up w/ new generation Dometic Fridge and very solid 300 watt solar setup (Hans from Mule Outfitters over in WA state did the install)

- Custom Alumline flat bed with TONS of side storage. The side boxes were designed to be cut off if you wanted to move into a full flat bed camper

- Backup camera that is integrated as the rear view mirror:

- Riff Raff 6637 Donaldson Blue air intake filter kit. The best filter out there & waterproof: https://www.riffraff...637-filter-kit/

Work done in less than 30k miles:

- Diesel Site built E40D transmission: https://www.dieselsi...ansmission.aspx

- Brand new KC Turbo. This transformed the truck. Spools fast and runs MUCH cooler

- Diesel Site Adrenaline HPOP: https://www.dieselsi...nalinehpop.aspx

- Driven Diesel electronic fuel with dual filters: https://shop.fullfor...ric-fuel-system

- Full Force Diesel 160/0 injectors: https://shop.fullfor...age-1-injectors

- New Motorcraft glow plugs & wiring harness

- Manifolds resealed

- New brake shoes front & new drums/shoes/cables rear

- New up-pipes, EPBV delete, and new pedestal

- Plenums resealed

- 3" down pipe upgrade and 4" exhaust out with FTE resonator and muffler (kills drone)

- 400amp alternator w/ dual Odyssey batteries

- Mishimoto radiator

- New water pump

- New Motorcraft fuel tank selector

- Coolant filtration

- Upgraded transmission cooler

- New AC condenser and refrigerant filter

- New leaf spring bushings

What it might could use:

- Bands on the camper tent fabric that pull it inward when you close it

- Windshield has a round chip that hasn't spread. It's blocked by the rear view mirror so you can't see it


- Sleeps two adult friends really nicely with their own space. One on the top bunk and one on the lower side. You could also flip the top bunk back up and make the full side bed back, that is a built in permeant feature (maybe also true on newer campers, haven't seen one in person.

- Furnace, I've camped in the winter no problem

- Sink with water tank (I just use it for washing pans)

- Power roof exhaust fan

- Dual burner stove

- Newer 12v Dometic CRX50 Fridge: https://www.dometic....-crx-50-_-30983

- 300 watts of solar

- Dual Full River deep cycle batteries

- Top bunk is an air mattress. Way more comfy than the stock foam AND you just deflate in place and leave it. I use a 12v pump to fill it up for sleeping, takes 30 seconds?

- 4 USB ports w/ 12v sockets (for bottom and top sleeping spaces)

The camper is functional and everything works but it's also from 1988, meaning it's well used and is vintage but everything does works and is 100% fine to keep using and enjoying as is. You could also restore and make it even nicer. Simply setting expectations.

Paint on the truck itself looks good but does have usage, like rock chips and pin stripping from tighter trails. I would call it "Looks good but you're also not scared to use the truck"


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Sexy truck! I feel the price is high as well but more power to you! Damn nice truck.

Right on, thanks!

Diesels are simply a different market. A new one is gonna cost ya $65,000 and a 2002 7.3L with 200k miles sell for $20,000.

But I do encourage anyone interested to seek out the cost of swapping in a D60, transmission, HPOP, turbo, etc.

This truck goes up I-70 @ 70mph with EGT’s @ 1200

Price is fair :)

Truck: $35,000
Flatbed: $10,000
Camper: $5,000 w/ solar and new fridge and such
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I'd encourage you to post a bunch more pictures and maybe a video or two!

Looks great.

Yes I will!

I’m 100% up for showing anyone the truck who is interested in person. I’ll be in CO all of September and then Arizona after.


Interior shots coming soon



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Are you thiswildidea on instagram? If so, what can we expect for your next vehicle?

I am! I’m not sure yet, gotta part ways with this rig first.

And if anyone comes across this listing I will take $45,000 for it. I’m often in various parts of the country so might even be able to show it locally.

If you look at clean stock F250’s on eBay they go for 20k frequently, this rig is way beyond dialed and keeps up with modern trucks but has classic looks :)


@theron is there a place for a spare tire?

Long answer is the flat bed was made for a FWC flat bed camper that would provided storage up front with the camper installed @ it’s 92” length.

Currently I carry a patch kit and Colby valves as my backup plans. And after doing all of Baja 3 times and lived on the road for 6 years and I haven’t needed one, yet! Knock on wood!

The next owner could also remove the custom 36 gallon fuel tank and go back to stock and carry one where the factory once lived.

Honestly 650 mile range is more of a luxury than necessity, even in Baja and Mainland Mexico


If anyone was truly interested this is the fella who made my 36 gallon rear.

He can also make a 40 gallon front, up from the 19 factory, then you go back to the factory rear size and still have range. He priced it at $1k


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