(SOLD): 2016 Tiger Bengal 4X4 Adventure Vehicle on Ford F350

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This 2016 Tiger Bengal is built on a Ford F350 with the 6.7L diesel motor, crew cab and Lariat trim. This unit is loaded with almost every option Provan Industries and Ford offers. Full specification/build sheet is available upon request. Some of the features and upgrades include:
  • Firestone airbags and compressor
  • Aluminess front bumper
  • 60-gallon Aero diesel tank (provides over 700 miles with one fill-up)
  • Winter package (extra installation during build, tank heater pads, dual pane windows)
  • Diesel furnace and engine block heater
  • Crew cab storage platform
  • Natures Head Compost Toilet/Wet Bath
  • Extra solar panels
  • Extra AGM batteries
The mileage is currently at 62,515. I just bought two new starter batteries for the truck and all four tires were replaced last year. The electric steps work fine but are slightly bent. Also, the black tank that was converted to fresh water as a mod has subsequently been removed. There are no significant problems or issues and it looks and drives great.

Asking $142,500 OBO. Currently located near Jacksonville, FL. The new 2022 Tiger with this kind of build on a Ford diesel truck is priced at around $190K, with a year or more wait time.

Additional photos and complete specs provided upon request. More about Tiger Adventure Vehicles can be found here: A Breed Apart - Tiger Adventure Vehicles (tigervehicles.com)


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Looks great!

A few questions:
1) SRW or dually? Can't tell from photos.
2) Is the rear-seat platform removable in favor of reinstalling a passenger seat?
3) Total length?


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Nice rig! could you tell me how much solar you have and do you know if the solar controller can handle lithium battery’s?
Is that a question? Is that a sentence? Is that two sentences? Is it three? Ever been on a forum before? Works about the same as the rest.

You may not be qualified to own such a complex machine.

Did you just have to make that comment? Really? Assume some innocence on the part of a new member, and give it a rest.

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