SOLD - 2016 Toyota Tacoma with EarthCruiser MOD 300 Camper


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Our family is spending more time camping at horse shows than remote locations and since this is likely not going to change for the near term, we are selling our 2016 Tacoma & EarthCruiser MOD 300 camper. Followers of EarthCruiser will likely recognize the truck as the company demo truck & MOD 300 camper that we purchased two years ago. We have about 4k miles on the setup (likely ½ of which is the trip home from Bend) camping in the nearby driftless region. The truck has always been garage kept and has never been in any winter weather. One big plus about this set up is that it fits in an 8’ garage. EarthCruiser used this truck in as a demo when developing the MOD campers and then built it out to take on the 2019 Baja XL Rally. Here is your chance to get field proven turn key overland build by the experts at EarthCruiser that is ready for your adventure.

Price: Truck & Camper $62,000
Location: Peosta, Iowa (Driftless tri-state region of Iowa, Wisconsin & Illinois)

  • 2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Crew Cab – Dark Grey
  • V6 gasoline engine and 6 speed automatic transmission
  • Traction Control
  • Approximately 49,000 miles (about 4k more than when we purchased it from EarthCruiser)
  • Black cloth interior with red trim
  • Stereo with Bluetooth and touchscreen controls
  • Upgrades Include:
    • Custom RadFlo front and rear suspension
    • Total Chaos Upper Control Arms & welded Spindle Gussets
    • Deaver Rear Leaf Pack
    • 17” Raceline wheels
    • 265/70 Mazama Open Range All-Terrain Tires, snow rated (but never seen snow under our ownership)
    • Extra wheel and tire spare
    • MetalTech Blackbird Front Bumper
    • MetalTech Rock Sliders
    • Custom Vision X Xmitter Prime 22” light bar
    • Vision X flush mount fog lights
    • CB/HAM radio with external antenna (doubles as good estimate for rooftop height)
    • 600 watt power inverter with 110v plugs mounter in rear seat box
    • Switchable line to rear power inverter
    • New AGS battery

EarthCruiser MOD 300 Camper:
  • Insulated one-piece composite shell
  • White bed-lined interior
  • Drain for the floor (can be easy washed out)
  • 4-Season insulated canopy stitched with aluminum to prevent mildew
  • Cab-over bed platform
  • EarthCruiser patented rail mounting system (their latest design)
  • Corner battery cabinet
  • 75 Ah AGM battery (likely about ready to be replaced)
  • Battery voltage indicator hub with 6 switches
  • Switchable 12v plugs and USB ports
  • 3 strip LED ceiling lights on switch
  • Jack brackets
  • Upgrades include:
    • Custom built sink & corner storage unit
    • 2 Large seat boxes
    • Lagun table
    • Side MaxTrax mounts
    • Rino Rack roof bars (not shown in photos)
Photo Aug 12, 6 30 34 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 30 55 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 31 32 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 32 15 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 33 55 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 36 41 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 37 13 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 40 09 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 41 47 AM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 42 11 AM.jpg
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So did you strip the camper for sale? How did you have it set up for camping - it looks like no stove, fridge, heater, propane, or water/waste tanks of any kind right now correct?


A unicorn! Can't remember a time when I saw another one of these for sale...

I'm also interested in the camper only price. Also, what is the sleeping platform/mattress size in this?


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Bed Platform: is 50” x 88”. We sleep 2 adults, north south, up above. Then the dinette makes a platform for my daughter and the dog sleeps below her. Yes, for the four of us it’s a bit cozy but it works well for us. For cushions/mattress we have found our regular camping air pads work well and easily store in cab over area when not in use.

MOD: is short for My Own Design. We didn’t strip anything out of the camper but I did rebuild the standard corner cabinet into a L-shape with the integrated sink. The layout is basically the same as the built-out EarthCruiser GZL model. The counter top is big enough to hold our 2-burner camping stove with 1lb propane tank and use the sink at the same time but to date I don’t think we have used the stove inside the camper.

Water: There are two five-gallon water containers, one fresh and one grey, under the sink that run off an electric pump. One could likely use the space for two fresh water containers and run the grey water to the ground through the pass-through compartment.

Fridge: We recently started using a small chest fridge that we kept on the floor between the dinette during traveling. When camping we sat on the side of the camper behind driver side bench (above the area where the fire extinguisher is located). The switches are set up for a fridge circuit but I haven’t gotten to the point where we wired it in but it would be easy for someone to do this in the future.

Separating the Camper: We would like to sell this as a package since the truck was really built-out for this combination by EarthCruiser. However, in the future it’s possible that we might sell them separately but that’s not something we a looking to do at this time.
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The idea with the MOD (My Own Design) line of campers is a something along the lines of a design that’s simple, modular & configurable. There is 80/20 T-track throughout the interior that can be used to easily build and configure the camper in a form of your choosing. We set this up in a configuration that has a layout that is similar to the GZL campers. Here are pictures of the MOD flyer.
Photo Aug 12, 5 59 52 PM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 00 05 PM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 00 36 PM.jpgPhoto Aug 12, 6 00 55 PM.jpg


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Yes we do still have the package (Tacoma + EarthCruiser MOD300) for sale. Feel free to send me a DM if you would like to discuss.


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The weather is starting to look a little nicer around our area & our summer schedule is starting to fill up so it’s time to bump this up.

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