Sold - 2018 Ram 2500 Regular Cab 6.7L

What an absolute gem of a truck. Might be my fav for sale on this forum. If I wasn't so hung up on a crew cab (I'm the sorry sod who usually drives my friends to The Maze) I'd be having "that" conversation with the lady. GLWTS!
Thanks for viewing! Love this truck so much...

I'm a big "small cab" guy. You're forced to keep your truck cleaner, more organized, and now less people ask for rides! And with the camper, nobody asks me to move their furniture! Win win!!


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good luck selling a deleted diesel on Socal. I gave up, and wound up selling my deleted 2015 cummins to a dealer in Henderson NV. Got a smoking offer for it because deleted trucks out there are highly sought after. They didn't even ask for the DPF and all other emissions garbage.
Truck got its weekly wash and monthly wax today! Looks absolutely perfect. Granite crystal metallic is very rare for a Regular Cab Ram 2500! Took me 6 months to find this truck for sale when I bought it…and bought it sight unseen. Amazing decision, it’s been trouble free since the day I brought it home!

Only the best of the best on this truck.

Morimoto Gen 2 XB Headlights - Brightest aftermarket headlights out there.


Then the Baja Designs 30” OnX6 Bar.


Then the Baja Designs bar + 4x bumper lights. Enough light for anything! All wired by me, with 14 gauge wire. So much time spent on things nobody else will spend the time or money on…

Lets get her moved. Ready to go! I will start a part out in about 2 weeks and return the truck completely to stock. I promise if you’ve been sitting and staring at these posts, you will spend nearly $25,000 more trying to replicate the setup and a whole lot of your time. This truck is dialed!

And here is my unloaded, flat road, 65mph MPG. You couldn’t ever convince me a gas Power Wagon or 2500 Hemi is a better choice.

P.S. I have the AEV Procal so you can turn the TPMS light off, but I run 38/25psi unloaded. Tire light will trigger at under 35psi even with programming.

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Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. I know halfway through the part out, someone will approach wanting to take it off my hands then and there.

But plus side is I’ll make way, way more parting it out. And already have a buyer for every single piece.

Sounds like the best plan then if it brings you the most return.

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