SOLD - Alu-Cab Canopy Camper w/ extras - $17,775 asking


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I am selling my Alu-Cab Canopy Camper currently fitted to my long bed 2019 TRD Off Road Tacoma. I will be uploading more pictures soon but want to get the ball rolling on it. I bought a travel trailer and would like to get it off so I can start towing it.

$17,775 but will hear reasonable offers
My price excludes the time/labor - a lot of mine - and reduces the price of each item.

Location: Golden, CO

The camper was installed at Juniper Overland in Arvada, CO last February, so just under a year on the truck. I got in contact with them and they said it'd be a $1,000 in labor to do the swap onto another truck. If you have a different model truck, it may require another one of Alu-Cab's premade fitment kits.

It has:

- slide in table
- shower cube (used maybe 3 times)
- bat wing awning
- molle plates
- full spare mount
- furnace w/ GP Factor fitment kit
- installed blue sea switch panel
- Expedition Essentials rear hatch table
- Expedition essentials propane holder
- GP Factor Windows - one installed, and one ready to be installed and will be included
- exterior LEDs - uninstalled and will include
- Two 100 watt Renogy solar panels
- can include the Exped Megamat at extra cost (i just got a new one from REI after the last one had a puncture, only a couple nights spent with it)

It's fully wired now and I have my custom built cabinets and custom base plate. These can also be included for extra (but far less than Goose Gear) if you also have a long bed tacoma. I probably put 50+ hours into them. I personally wasn't crazy about the price or layout of the Goose Gear so I just did it myself with 80/20 aluminum. Quite happy with the result.

Some notes:
- furnace has set off carbon monoxide detector once. I haven't had a chance to debug, but it was at high elevation. I have just slightly vented the tent when using it. Always warm and have used it in sub 20 temps many times.
- wiring is properly gauged and labeled.
- i've had some minimal dust get in the rear and can see that alu cab failed to seal the hatch completely. Easy fix, just haven't done it.

I am not sure of the process to get it taken off my truck and placed on yours, but I'm sure Juniper or somewhere similar can do it.

I've put an enormous amount of effort to get this thing to where it is. I would consider selling the whole rig, but it's just hard to get a new truck right now so it would have to be a good offer. Love the camper and all its features, but we are planning on spending more time on the road and just need some more space.




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Pics of furnace and table


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Hi Colbs - I'm still a year or two from being able to buy but this would be 99% perfect for me. If possible, could I please trouble you to let me know how much the canopy weighs (all up) not including the vehicle? I've been trying to find a weight specification without success. I nearly found out the hard way what it means to be over GVWR and I am determined to not to let that happen again. Thank you.

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