(SOLD) - For Sale: Supertramp Flagship LT Truck Camper with 2019 F150 - $115k (Moab, UT)


For Sale:
  • 2022 Supertramp Flagship LT (installed December 2022, camper #21)
  • 2019 F150 XLT Supercrew 3.5L EcoBoost with maxtow (still has the remaining extended 7-year powertrain warranty). 65,000 miles
  • RIGd Ultraswing Megafit with drop-down camp table and license plate bracket/light
  • Custom-made camper step that mounts into the fixed hitch of the RIGd Ultraswing


Reason for sale:

  • Our lives have changed a bit from when we placed the initial order of the camper to now. Our sale has nothing to do with the camper itself, it is the most beautiful, well-built camper we have seen. We have had a Sprinter Van, a flatbed Alaskan Camper, and now the Supertramp, and it is an amazing truck/camper. We live in Moab, UT (recently moved here) and are just spending more time doing day trips since there is so much to do around us that the camper has been sitting and needs to be used. Bonus for you: instant adventure if you fly into town and drive back home! ;)
  • We’d like to sell the truck/camper as a package since the truck has been built for this camper. It handles the camper with ease, driving through the mountains is nothing, the truck has no problem staying in 10th gear, and the Ecoboost is by far the most fun engine we have ever owned. The suspension handles the camper with ease as well, it is an impressive setup. It has a 2” lift via the coils and the leaf pack (sits level when fully weighted/filled), so NO spacer lift. The tires are 34” with no rubbing even at full flex.
  • We take great care of our stuff and this has been no different. It’s all been maintained beautifully. There are a few small pinstripes on the truck and camper, but nothing major. The truck has never been in an accident, with oil changes and tire rotations every 5k miles.
  • The camper is like new, it was installed in December of 2022 and we moved to Utah right after. Our lives have been focused on other things so the camper has been used very little. Absolutely nothing wrong with the camper or the truck.
  • The whole setup is ready to go, nothing is needed! You’ll save on the installation cost, tax, and of course, all the time needed to build out a similar vehicle. It’s ready to go right now.
  • The team over at Supertramp are an amazing group of people. They care about their product and their team and it shows in every interaction you’ll have with them. I can’t say enough good things about the camper itself and the company.
  • I would be happy to get on the phone and talk through any questions with any serious buyer. I can also provide any additional photos. Thanks!

  • 2022 (December) Supertramp Flagship LT (link to all of their walk-through videos)
    • Interior:
      • (4) Lifting linear actuators with manual override
      • (3) 110W Flexible solar panels
      • (2) Maxxair Deluxe 7500K roof vent fans
      • (2) 12V, 100Ah Battleborn Lithium battery
      • 12V, 2.1A Dual USB ports
      • 12V, 5A Dash socket
      • Smoke/CO Alarm
      • Propane alarm
      • Dometic two-burner glass top propane stove
      • Victon AC-DC Incoming shore power converter
      • Victron DC-DC Battery charger
      • Victron MPPT Solar charge controller
      • Victron SmartShunt Bluetooth battery/power consumption monitor
      • Under bed storage
    • Plumbing:
      • 24 Gallon fresh water tank
      • 5 Gallon grey water tank for sink
      • Easy-access grey water drain hose
      • Easy-access winter drain valve
      • External water inlet
      • Folding marine faucet
      • 10’ Hose and Nozzle for exterior shower
      • Truma Combi on-demand water heater and furnace
    • Components:
      • Queen-size bed
      • 65L Isotherm fridge
      • 2 11 lb Propane tanks
      • Insulated pop-up fabric
      • Rhino liner base with automotive paint finish
      • Rear molle panel and L track
      • Rear door window
      • Portable cassette toilet
      • Keyless Entry
      • Reico Titan convertible jacks
    • Optional Upgrades:
      • 200 Ah of lithium batteries
      • Truma Combi Eco Plus (furnace has ability to run off propane or shore power)
      • Lagun table
      • 1500W AC Inverter
      • Inside shower (curtain, drain, we chose to not have the 5 gallon grey water tank for the shower, it just drains outside)
      • 23 Zero 180-Degree awning
      • Backup camera
      • Inside L tracks (bunk, roof, side wall)
      • Rear Molle panels
      • Bunk bed ready (L tracks are installed)
  • 2019 F150 XLT
    • Color - Magma Red
    • Drive - 4x4 with electronic locking rear diff and max tow package (thicker frame)
    • Engine - 3.5L Ecoboost V6
    • Tires - Toyo Open Country AT3 - LT 285/75R17 - (5 tires (matching spare) and 5 tire rotation)
    • Wheels - Black Rhino Stadium (5 wheels - matching spare)
    • Suspension:
      • Bilstein 6112 Stage 2 Suspension Package
      • Custom Alcan leaf springs for the exact weight of the truck/camper
      • BDS Upper Control Arms
      • Sumo Springs replaced the bump stops
    • Remote Start
    • Skid plates - RCI Offroad Full Aluminum skid plates (covers everything)
    • LINE-X - truck bed, front and rear bumpers, hitch, rear wheel wells, grill
    • Mud flaps
    • Black badges
    • Tire chains (1 set)
    • Covercraft sun shade for the windshield
    • Husky floor liners
    • Shorter antenna
    • K&N engine and cabin air filters
    • Upgraded LED brights/reverse lights. Also have them in a box for the normal headlights.
    • 38” F150leds curved light bar
    • Android Auto/Apple Carplay
    • Cloth seats with the front center seat
    • Custom-fit rear seat cover (has been on since day 1)
    • Brand new Ford OEM head unit
  • RIGd Ultraswing Megafit
    • Has the camp table and the license plate bracket/light
  • Custom 2-step hitch step
    • I had a welding fabricator in Grand Junction, CO make us a 2 step hitch mounted step for the swingarm. It fits in the main receiver and the swingarm works with it.


  • Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 17.57.52.png
    Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 17.57.52.png
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Magma red?:unsure:
Yeah, it's a pretty unique color. Depending on the light it looks black, in the sun it's a deep maroon, sometimes a little brown and purple. Worth a quick google, it's hard to capture the depth of the color in pictures.


♫ Off the road again. Just can't wait to get...
Great looking rig! Hope you don't mind that I put a link to your ad in the main Supertramp Camper Flagship LT thread here on Exp. Portal:


Great looking rig! Hope you don't mind that I put a link to your ad in the main Supertramp Camper Flagship LT thread here on Exp. Portal:
No problem at all and thank you!


♫ Off the road again. Just can't wait to get...
They have a two burner propane stove on the countertop right next to the sink.


Great looking rig. How easy is it to deploy the awning at all?
Thanks! It's super easy, it's made by 23 Zero and it's the 180 degree awning. Here is a picture of it from their site. Supertramp was smart and put an attachment point just above the passenger seat under the cab over and then one more on the passenger rear actuator. It's 6' all folded up and 14' when you have it extended. It's attached via airline/L track on the passenger side of the camper.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 07.52.14.png

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 07.54.27.png

Here is a picture from the front with a red circle around the attachment point.



Here are some more photos of the inside. All of the black linings in the photos are just cabinet liners to protect the bright white.


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Update: We've been receiving a ton of interest in just the camper (lots of people already own trucks) so we are willing to sell them separately. We would like to keep them together but are open to separating. Message me if you are interested!



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is the raising/lowering mechanism impacted by temps in single digits?
How does the manual override work?
Very nice looking set up.


is the raising/lowering mechanism impacted by temps in single digits?
How does the manual override work?
Very nice looking set up.
They are electric linear actuators and are not affected by temps, they are very nice and fast. I camped at 5 degrees and had no issues at all.
The manual override is via an allen wrench on each actuator. It would take a bit to do as you would have to do it on all 4 and lower them slowly, but there is the option. The actuators are rated for an incredible number of cycles, so they shouldn't have issues, but I understand something can always happen.

Thanks, it's a great rig. DM me if you are interested in it!

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