*** SOLD *** Ram 2500, High Clearance, Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper PRICE DROP 2,000$

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I am having a Bowen Customs bed installed on my 2019 Ram Power Wagon in two months and will not be able to use this bumper with the new bed. With that being said my high clearance, dual swing out rear bumper built by SOB Fabrication is for sale for 2000$ This bumper is very nice and one of the best designs I've seen. It is bolt on and allows you to keep your factory tow hitch if you desire. The Baja Designs lights in the bumper will be included but the parking sensors and the camera i will be keeping. Also, all of the equipment I have mounted to the swing outs will not be included (propane bottle and mount, ax & shovel and mounts, jerry can and mount, spare tire). I am posting this from work and will upload more pictures tomorrow but this one picture will let you see what I'm talking about for tonight. Located in Albuquerque NM.
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Power Wagon Family

I Hate Off Camber
I would be willing to meet at a reasonable distance. I will also have the truck in the Denver area for the new bed install in April if that's closer for someone.

Power Wagon Family

I Hate Off Camber
2000$ now
Someone out there needs this! I know there is tons of RAM owners on here. This is a heck of a deal for what you're getting. The ability to carry gear on this bumper as well as your oversized spare vs in the bed of the truck is the only way to go.

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