SOLD - Unicorn-level rare 1987 Factory 4×4, Turbo 22RTE, Toyota Sunrader 18’ - Atlanta - 85k


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Unicorn-level rare 1987 Factory 4×4, Turbo 22RTE, Toyota Sunrader 18’.

112k Miles

5-speed manual transmission

True Toyota 1-ton, 6 lug axle with dual 15” wheels

VIN JT4RN63B1H0129790

This rig is one of approximately 26 factory 4x4s, and roughly 8 that came with the Turbo engine. All that said, it’s still a reliable Toyota Pickup that you can feel confident will run forever and be easily maintained or repaired by anyone, if ever needed.

This is possibly the nicest, most complete, truest to form, most updated Sunrader I have ever seen in person or online. You should be prepared to receive lots of comments, thumbs up, parking lot chats, and fist pumps any time you’re out and about; seriously. This rig gets people absolutely thrilled to see out adventuring.

These trucks are surrounded by a community of knowledgeable historians that know everything there is to know, and the community is so helpful and willing to share info when you need it. I’d encourage anyone who buys this to join and join a variety of Facebook groups, which I can recommend.

This Sunrader was built by Gardner Pacific of California. I purchased this camper two years ago from a gentleman in Oregon at It had 105K miles on it when we purchased, and right at 112k when we got home yesterday from camping at HorsePens40 in Alabama. We’ve driven this rig completely across the country, and we have every confidence it could make many more crossings, as well as weekend or week-long trips, and I’m certain you could full time live in it, if that’s your interest. This rig has every convenience of something 2 or 3 times as expensive, and it comes with the Toyota reliability bonus.

We and the prior owners have each done their part in maintaining and restoring this Sunrader, with no expense spared. A long list of upgrades and repairs done is below.

Without a doubt, we and each owner have loved this rig as much as you can love something made of metal and fiberglass. It just provides so much opportunity, versatility, and comfort in a classic and flat-out rad, FULLY contained concept – meaning you never have to get out if it’s pouring when you show up to camp. We usually travel with our small dogs, my wife, and my 4-year-old daughter, with plenty of room to share. We’ve also added an extra adult to that mix with little notice and had up to 4 adults, 2 kids, and 3 dogs hanging out at once. The ability to enjoy the dinette and let the kids play in the over-cab is really something special and memorable.

We’re only considering selling this Sunrader to fund some necessary house upgrades and repairs we’ve been putting off. It’s a tough one to let go of, as we’ve had some incredible adventures in her.

Everything works as it should from the shower to water heater to toilet to backup-camera… I’m not passing on a project vehicle, although there are always endless things you could accessorize or change if you wanted.

You could and should plan to take her on a long trip right away to familiarize yourself with the rig. I’d encourage anyone far away from Atlanta who is on the fence about it to forget those worries and do what we did. Make a trip out of it. Perhaps the most memorable trip we did was picking the rig up in Oregon and driving home to Atlanta, seeing all sorts of things along the way, and really getting into it. We can work out accommodations and logistics with the right buyer.


  • 22RTE turbo 4-cyl with manual 5-speed transmission
  • 4x4 from factory – 4 low and 4 high with locking front hubs
  • Fully self- contained fiberglass clam shell (no leaking like metal or other styles)
  • Propane furnace
  • Fridge/Freezer (new 2-way Dometic runs on 110 shore or on board propane)
  • Wet Bath with toilet and shower
  • Oven/Stove combo with 4 burners and vent hood with light
  • Sink and faucet
  • Water pump
  • Water heater with remote ignition (No having to light it manually outside)
  • Extended fuel tank that holds roughly 26gal – We ONLY use premium fuel
  • Holding tanks – 12gal Grey and 9 gal Black tanks
  • On board freshwater tank – 21 gal
  • Huge rear dinette and window (probably our favorite part)
  • Closet
  • Over-Cab bed with memory foam topper (Sleeps 2 adults + a kiddo) – New foam and upholstery
  • Dinette folds out into bed (Sleeps an extra 2 adults, dog, etc.) - New foam and upholstery
  • Stereo with backup camera

On to the upgrades and maintenance details:

A full folder of records and receipts exists and will be passed along. Most, if not all listed updates and maintenance were performed in the past 6 years, even if the prior owner is stated)

Also, upon our purchase and return home, we took the time to let ACC, a well-known and reputable classic Toyota shop in Atlanta do a full inspection and perform any necessary maintenance. They were impressed with the rig’s condition, did some maintenance, and have done all mechanic work, outside of regular oil changes.

Again, a full list of receipts and documentation will be provided, as well as the inspection report.

I’ll do my best to note repairs, maintenance, or upgrades we’ve personally done (US) vs the 2 known prior owners (PO) and separate by truck/mechanical or camper/otherwise.


  • 112k miles presently
  • At 101k miles, before the prior owner took the rig home, he had a certified Toyota dealer’s mechanic in Kalispell, Montana do a deep dive into the engine and update or replace anything needed. In that repair, the mechanic installed a Dual Row timing chain by LCE performance, water pump, new thermostat, machined and installed a new head gasket, and did a new clutch.
  • New tires all around - BFG AT – KO2. Mounted and balanced on the custom 15” dually rear wheels – Rims were ordered by PO from Stockton Wheel in CA – Fronts are 15” too fyi (US)
  • New brakes (PO – confirmed good by ACC inspection)
  • New brake pads for the All-Pro driveshaft e-brake (Us)
  • All fluids changed including front/rear diffs and t-case, transmission, and any new gaskets (Us via ACC)
  • Rear wheel bearings and seals replaced (Us via ACC)
  • Driveshaft was rebalanced and new U-joints installed (Us via ACC)
  • New clutch master and slave cylinder (Us via ACC)
  • New fuel filter (Us via ACC)
  • New spark plugs (Us via ACC)
  • New alternator (Us via ACC)
  • New flex pipe in exhaust system (Us)
  • New LED headlights (Us)
  • New LED taillights (Us)
  • New Bilstein shocks and new leaf springs - all work done by a 4×4 shop in Tigard Oregon (PO)
  • New front sway bar and skid plate (PO)
  • New bushings all the way around and adjustment of leaf springs positioning brackets (PO)
  • All belts and major hoses replaced (PO)
  • Other notes:
  • A/C works great and is very cold
  • No funny smells or stains or rips or anything
  • No leaks


  • New rooftop 9.5k btu air conditioner unit by RecPro/Houghton (Us)
  • New Maxfann over bathroom (Us)
  • New Fiamma F45s awning (Us)
  • New Dometic 2-way fridge/freezer (Us)
  • New touch screen, bluetooth stereo with backup camera and speakers (Us)
  • New pull down privacy shades (Us)
  • New Curtains (Us)
  • New Progressive Dynamics Converter with Intelligent Charger to maintain house battery (Us)
  • All lighting inside is LED and new units, not just bulbs (Us)
  • All camper windows were resealed (PO)
  • New exterior fiberglass gelcoat with replacement original graphics (PO)
  • New Rear bumper - solid steel vs the original aluminum (PO)
  • New interior floors (PO)
  • Reupholstered and padded seating and bed cushions (PO)
  • Repainted inside of camper (PO)
  • New oak laminated table (PO)
  • On board propane tank and system replaced and mounted in the same location (PO)
  • New Warn winch that has been used 1-2 times (PO)
  • ARB steel bumper with Spotlights mounted (PO)
  • Two relatively new Yellow Top OPTIMA batteries (These last a good two-three days of dry camping prior to needing to drive a bit to get them recharged) (PO)
  • Rear bumper rack (PO) – We use to carry firewood, and a box that holds bulky stuff that doesn’t pack inside as well

Yes, this Sunrader is expensive and likely not for everyone. If you’re talented and prefer to build you own, that’s incredible. Just be prepared for lots of research plus time and money spent to get it to this point. This is a genuine unicorn that maintains a factory aesthetic and reliability but has been maintained and upgraded to a modern level. It’s turn-key and ready for adventure upon pickup.

We’re not in a rush to sell, and we’ll most likely have a few more trips in her unless the right buyer comes along right away. We’re flexible for helping the ultimate buyer with logistics and can dedicate an entire day to running through the systems and getting comfortably set up.

No trades; Serious inquiries only please.

Most certainly, I’ve forgotten to list some details, upgrades, or maintenance. Feel free to ask questions, but hopefully this covers most of it.

We personally found that LightStream was a flexible and easy lender for RV loans, without requiring collateral, meaning yes, we hold the title clear and free.

Thanks, yall




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I had a 22R-TEC for years, what a fun truck - replaced the stock turbo with a custom hybrid, opened up the intake/exhaust, I think they didn't sell too many because the MSRP was considered so high?

Very cool, GLWS


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I had a 22R-TEC for years, what a fun truck - replaced the stock turbo with a custom hybrid, opened up the intake/exhaust, I think they didn't sell too many because the MSRP was considered so high?

Very cool, GLWS
Original BOS on this went about $35k; I can imagine that was a pretty penny.


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@workerdrone @wadingthroughlife
I am familiar with the reputation of the 22re as being very reliable, easy to work on, but rather gutless. slow on the uphills. no passing big rigs. etc.
Im curios if either of you can comment. How does the turbo change the performance? Noticeable increase in power?


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In my case it was just a pickup with no extra weight, not even a topper. But the turbo was definitely, um, noticeable - in a 1980's way - you nailed the throttle and waited through that significant lag, then all at once it was a very satisfying hit of boost. Not linear like a modern design but definitely more power than the non-turbo version. I had fun breaking the rear end loose in corners quite a bit when the boost came on. The engine was modified from factory for forced induction iirc, lower compression

Especially with the stock turbo, would recommend only full synthetic oil and allowing the turbo to cool before shutdown

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