Solid human waste disposal/containment?


wag bags do a good job at keeping the odor in till something in the trasharoo punctures it. So far it has not happened but its definitely something i dread.


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i like the groover idea as a storage container. thats a good idea. strap it to the roof rack or tire carrier maybe put it in the trasharoo.


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We have a 'hassock', basically a bucket with seat. I always put one of those little chemical packets (sold at walmart and sporting goods stores) designed for use in portapottys.

WRT the PVC idea, I read somewhere about an ecoraid where they were required to carry the PVC, and it was weighed each day to make sure they weren't 'cheating.' Anyway, IIRC they put kitty litter in them and then shook it after use.


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Wally world seat into wag bags. Stored in ammo cans. Easy peazy. You'll only run into this in Canyonlands (Maze et al) and Grand Canyon NP pretty much.


OK, I figure that a garbage disposal is sort of an accessory so this should fit here. I'm about to have one & I need to know what kind of foods can & cannot go in them. Also, is there anything special you have to do to care for them? Any help would be greatly appriciated!!:)

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Hmmm, some good ideas there. Im trying to avoid any kind of large or expensive toilet that won't see much use.
I'm thinking of something small and collapsable like this.
Then use some of the cheap bags for them and keep the used ones in a PVC tube in the Trasharoo. Then just drop the whole tube in a garbage can when done.
I don't think that Walmart thing is necessary. A 5-gallon bucket with a screw-on lid works just as well. I find that it doesn't even need a special seat; the rim of the screw-on lid isn't sharp. Nor are special bags necessary; grocery store bags are fine. The key for me is sawdust. Put some in the bag before and after and shake it up a bit to coat it. Three days is a bit long; in that case I would carry a separate bucket with a tight lid for storage. For liquid waste, pine pellets from a livestock store are great. Very absorbant, last a long time, cheap, easy to dispose of (just spread in the woods), no odor! Definitely keep liquid and solid waste separate.


I know this discussion came up a while back and I believe there is some legal issues about throwing human waste in the garbage? Not sure if I remember correctly???
Yes, this is controversial. I read a lot about this and there are good arguments on both sides. In my state it's not illegal and I do it, mainly in the dumpster at campgrounds, knowing that it will be picked up by a truck and people won't be exposed to it. If the dumpster is full of dirty diapers, I don't feel bad about adding my waste to it. Same for the dumpster behind McDonald's etc.

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Americans have been throwing human feces in the trash since at least 1948, presumably in every state.

My portable waste disposal system of choice is the porta-potty FWIW.



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Another option I just found on line is a water tight ammo can....

I have friends who live in NM and go on a lot of raft trips there and in the surrounding states, including the Green R. in Utah recently. The ammo can is what they say all the cool guides are running these days.

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