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mikE here.
I popped my head up in another thread, and was asked to share this as a new thread. Here it is.
As I rock crawl less, and just want to travel more I planned a family trip to CO and UT this summer. Being a Jeep guy, and now having two kids, the four of us in the TJ wasn't going to work. So, I decided to build a little trailer. The plans started out modest enough. A box, on wheels, to hold stuff. No water, no propane, no kitchen, just a 'trunk'. When we camp we don't enjoy cooking etc. We just eat easy and enjoy ourselves so all that stuff is not really needed. As I was starting it I found out about an old YJ tub I could have for $40 with the tailgate. Bought it and drug it home. The one corner was bent, and a front would need to be fashioned. I decided to try making a die to bend the metal to match the 3" radius of the tub. That worked and I was set to hack the tub apart and start a trailer. The more I looked, the more I realized I was making three of the four corners, and working around stuff to make it work. The whole trailer was going to be heavier than I had originally planned, and have less space. Being from the Rock buggy world, I've really learned how much weight makes life difficult.
So, I bought a couple sheets of 16ga, and made a box. Bent the round corners, filled in the top and bottom lips to make it look right, and used the wheelhouses from the YJ tub.(never do that again, more work than making from scratch) Turned out that filling in that top 'lip' was a major time sucking project. Looks nice now though.
The suspension is just solid axle leaf spring. I know it could be a lot more fancy, but this is a starting point. The tounge is built to be adjustable. I have forgotten the lengths already. I run it in the middle one on my road use. Trails might see the shortest setting.
Enough babble. Hope you enjoy the pics.

mikE(sorry, I do better with steel than computers, so I have no idea how to attach a pic)


The BN Guy said:

Curious why the long tongue? Um, that doesn't sound right but you know what I mean.

Long and short. It has an adjustable range. Long to trail better, short for rougher trails. Well, the rougher tails part is a theory. It hasn't been tested on that yet... The short setting was determined by how far back it needed to be to be to keep the front corner of the trailer from hitting the back corner of the jeep. Trailer hits the jeep tire.

mikE(that, and making sure the swing away tire carrier wouldn't hit when the trailer was straight)


Whoknows said:
Very nice! I envy your skills -- and your garage for that matter.


Thank you. To all who've complimented. That is actually my farm shop. Needs to be bigger for that job.

mikE(gonna be 40'x60' bigger some day)

Rezarf <><


I was the dude who asked you to post up some shots... THANKS!

"just a trunk" a very cool trunk indead.


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