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Can anyone recommend a good site for quality hardware? Things like hinges, latches, pulls, etc. that are well made for expedition trailers. Last thing I want is to build my trailer and not be happy with the hardware. Thank you.


I was able to find my stuff on Amazon, but you will need to discern quality hardware from cheap knock-offs sometimes.


McMaster and MSC are my go to places, but you really have to search for the unusual stuff. Ruff Stuff has some interesting things for fabricators. Google Southco and look through their catalog, and also Trimark. You can find the individual items on Amazon usually.


West Marine is another source that can be good. It's nice becuase, if you have a local store, you can see the items in person before buying.

I also really like McMaster, it can be speedy but the quality and service is there for sure.


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I think the correct answer is: all of the above.

we all want a single go-to, but even the favorite place will be out of one item on your list, and you will then need alternate plan B.

once you find the specific item you want, perform a dedicated search for it and I think you'll be surprised at the range of prices for the identical item. shipping, availability, and general user friendliness may also weigh into the final decision.

the Bolt Depot has been my first choice for general fasteners for years, an I live less than a mile from west marine. for the price of a dozen w-m fasteners, I can buy a hundred at b-d.

edit: I just clicked the link to make sure it worked, and see that there is now a BD hat. i'm tempted, and I never advertise.
Fastenal can be a good source with local sources but can be pricey.
Southco is a good source for latches, hinges, and hardware.

Since this came up I thought I would share something that I got in an email today from a surplus supplier that buys manufacturers excess inventory. Sometimes great deals on other items besides electronic items.
10 pieces of Southco push to close latches for $5

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