Storage compartment liner?

The exterior compartments of my Khaya are just bare painted aluminum. Vibration and stuff knocking around is wearing rivet heads and gear alike. Aluminum and paint particles in my coffee cup are not good.

The interior of the camper is lined in carpet, which is great cause I loooove Velcro. But the carpeted surfaces are not as easy to clean and we are noticing that the glue holding the carpet is becoming visible.

Do you all have any experience with other materials that can be used? Something abrasion resistant and easily cleaned and of course light weight.



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I would look at Dri-Dek vinyl squares. They are interlocking 12” squares that can be purchased in different colors. They are easily trimmed to fit odd shape floors. They allow airflow underneath and do a great job cushioning things. Can be removed and hosed off. We used them in our Rescue Boats, Ambulances and Tactical Vehicles. They can seem a little pricey but you will only buy them once. If you can’t find it on line, look at West Marine.


I’ve used inexpensive Yoga mats, trimmed to size and attached with 3M spray glue.
We installed this material in aluminum equipment cases at work.

I also like to use these mats as tool box drawer liners. Cheap, durable, and they stay put well in the drawers. Watch the discount stores for sales. I found a gray mat just the other day for $2.99!

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