StoryTeller dropping Transit vans from the lineup


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Since all these van companies basically copied the early Sportsmobiles I thought this would be OK to put here.

Looking at the 2024 StoryTeller products it appears they are dropping the Transit option. Whether due to low sales or just simplifying their production, who knows.



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I switched from a Sprinter to a Transit. The ford is a no drama vehicle that can be serviced anywhere in pretty much any shop. Just finished a road trip through Idaho, Utah and Colorado. Can't remember seeing a single Mercedes Service centre. Can't imagine them going into limb mode and needing to find someone working on it. The Benz is a no go for me.


It's probably a logistics management strategy. They have a lot going on model wise. IMHO Ford got a gift from Mercedes when M couldn't supply the demand for chassis. Van converters had to go somewhere to meet their customer deliveries. Now that the supply chain is normalizing a bit, and sales past the peak frenzy, it make sense for builders to be choosy on what they supply. STO was/is a Sprinter based company. Stick with what works.... I'm in no way saying the Transit isn't a good option, it was just the #2 option for STO. I'd probably make the same choice too in their shoes.


I agree. I think they're 100 percent off the mark in this choice but they don't, and that's all that matters. I'm sure it has to do with tooling/assembly line mostly, but given my experience with trying to get a Transit from Ford I'm 100% convinced that Ford isn't very interested in selling them to anyone but fleets.


It could also be a brand identity thing as well. From a distance the sprinter has more cachet than the transit.


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It seems like that company has its hands full and trying to get up to speed. Have to wonder how much it costs to run production lines for two types of vans versus just offering one. Additionally, they might believe diesel to be preferable for a camper (greater fuel storage=range, diesel appliances, towing performance, etc.) though it looks like the new Sprinter motor is a tiny 2L. They look pretty similar, no idea how they handle weight , chassis GAWR/GVWR and how the AWD systems between Sprinter and Transit compare. IMHO Mercedes seems to have peaked with the second generation, ending in 2018 with the excellent, great blend of torque+mpg OM642 3.0L diesel. No idea how the new (2L diesel) will perform, particularly doing heavy/long-range duty we all want out of a camper. Think if I were looking today, I'd want to find a gently used 2017-2018 Sprinter.
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Ford has had delivery/production issues which sucks as I love my Ecoboost Transit.
With my Quadvan 4wd conversion locked front & rear it kicks ass.
And as was said before I can get parts/service in US, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere.....and parts are cheap.

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