Stupid cheap bicycle rack.


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So I'm off to New England pretty soon for a lot of driving and not much downtime. I will be bringing my dog who I've been training to pull me on the bike. I wanted to bring my bike since he's going to be stuck in the truck and I'm sure ready to get out and run.
I'm looking at buying a house so money is tight right now.
I decided to take my little cargo hitch platform rack thing and modify it slightly instead of buying a rack.
One piece of 3/8 threaded rod, some nuts and washers and a ratchet strap got it figured.
Just drilled a hole through the side walls and sent the rod through after loading nuts and washers on it. A strap over the frame and it's locked in tight.
Since it seems like those racks are fairly popular and people bring them anyways a conversion to haul a bike on them might be useful. I could get a cooler on my rack still if I slid the bike all the way to the back or front instead of centering it.
So for a great grand total of maybe 15 bucks after getting the rack you can have one of these also. Or at least not spend 150 bucks on a bike only rack and then get a 150 dollar cargo rack as well.

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