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I saw one of these passing through town the other day being towed behind a 4th Gen 4Runner.

The larger than usual teardrop design (and some bright yellow trim) caught my eye. I checked out their website http://tab-rv.com/index.php and they have some nice virtual tours of their models.

While they only offer a 5'9 interior height, they come equipped with a full galley inside, couch and bed. Most smaller teardrops only allow for a bed inside with access to the kitchen from the rear, outside.


Fun looking lightweight solution for the mild bunch. Lots of great personalized photos from owners on their site. :camping:


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a dealer up here had some last year. they look cool although if I was going to get a full trailer there is alot of wasted space in one of them so it wouldn't be my first choice. Big in Europe apparently


I have a friend that just picked one out a couple of months ago. They have much more run inside then you would expect. They are very nice finish wise.

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For the price though, Wouldnt it be cheaper to get a large pop up. A local RV place here has a pop that has a pullout and bathroom for about 12500.


Funny that you mention this. We have been looking at these for a couple of years and mainly we have yet to pull the trigger because we're not sure we're RV people. After the past couple of years spending time with friends of ours who have a trailer (not a T@B), we're fairly certain we are RV people to the extent of one of these. Big enough, but nothing monstrous, and most importantly pull-able by a 22R-E! We like the idea of a hard side camper mainly because for it's intended use you'll be in developed type campgrounds and they are quieter inside than something with soft sides and tend to be warmer in the winter.


I had always thought about building a modified teardrop which would be taller like this but swapped front to rear so the pointy part would be in the front for less wind resistance while driving then the rear would still open to have the kitchen accessible from the outside as well as the inside.

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I actually saw two of these units at the Maker Faire in San Mateo last weekend. There's a company somewhere in the Bay Area that rent them - if you want to try. I have their business card at home.

I was also pleasantly surprise. It's much roomier that you'd expect, and the bed is huge! It looked really comfy.

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