this is what im thinking of the tundra, dont hate on my 2 min rendering,


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@Derek. Your tundra looks good. You installed a ARB locker.....right?

Yes sir! Thanks! Probably the best mod I've done, although I don't use it much when I do it's great! Just saying though, if I sold my Tundra I'd get a Tacoma, they are nice!


@ 01Tundra (soon to be 03Tacoma), Is it your daily driver? ive seen your build and have talked to you via PM, your build looks AWESOME but does the smaller cabin size bother you? the tundras feel like your sitting in a seat and not on the floor. however the first mod i would do on a DC tacoma would be a seat swap. Tacomas around her are around 13-14K (00-04). while you can get in a nice Tundra for $9000. taco=payments Tundra=Paid+instant mods. Living in South/Central Texas we dont really have all the tight trail like some of yall in Colorado do.

Tundra wheelbase is 7inches longer.
Trying to find a number for power to weight ratio.(weight divided but HP should tell me how much weith 1HP will have to haul)
so for every one HP the Tundra carries 16.7lbs\
and for the Taco it is 20.4lbs

now given shift points, gearing will all play a factor in the acceleration and top speed


Everyone told me that I would feel cramped, but I really don't. Yes it is a daily driver. To me, it has plenty of room, the only differences I notice are that the cab is not as wide and there's more room in the back seat area (as compared to my '01 access cab Tundra). To me, the Tacoma seems easier to drive due to the weight difference. I always felt that my '01 was off in the power to weight ratio, the '08 was good in that department, as is the Tacoma.

The biggest difference I see is in bed capacity, but since I don't really haul much, it doesn't really bother me. I would rather have the additional space in the cab.


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Your Tundra idea picture looks great. The V8 will be welcomed on any trip. The gas mileage is almost identical between the Taco and Tundra. The power however is not. The '05 Tundras have 282 hp and 325 ft. lbs. of torgue. I spent a week last summer in the mts. of Colorado pulling a camp trailer, and the power combined with the 5 speed transmission worked great. I too have a family, and there would be no way for me to have a Taco. I switched from a '97 Cherokee, and I miss where it would take me and how easliy it would park, but those are the only things I miss. I am able to do some rough offroad, just not rock crawling.


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Tundra to Tacoma back to Tundra

So I went from the 06' DC Tundra only had 20k miles on it- (fell asleep at the wheel and totaled it) to this 2010 DC longbed Tacoma
I have two kids under the age of 4, so road tripping/camping with them is on the tight side. I also have an 05 Jayco Baja 10z like this one The taco pulled it fairly well, I loved the looks of it, and it drove great. However- I really love the size of the 04-06 DC Tundras. Roomy and much more comfortable with my family. SO, I had a buyer that really wanted my truck, and I really couldn't pass up his offer. So I found another Tundra- it is a 05, and has 80k on it. I got it for $16k, put another 4k in wheels, suspension, stereo- got it the way I like it. My Tundra averages around 15mph the tacoma was around 17mpg. I really wish they had a diesel tundra in my year.

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I went from a Tundra to a Tacoma. I had a 2010 5.7L crewmax. It was huge and took some time to get used to driving. Parking lots and parking garages were a challenge even with a conservative 3" lift and 33" tires. Offroad it was a little too big and heavy for tight trails and soft sand/mud. It got stuck a lot more often than I care to admit. Gas mileage averaged 15-16 mpg and was unltimately the reason I got rid of it. However, the back seat was huge and with the front bench seat you could seat 2 adults and 4 kids in comfort.

I traded it in for a lightly used 2008 v6 tacoma double cab. Although I miss the interior room of the Tundra, that is really the only thing. I get a solid 20 mpg and it is much more capable offroad even with a conservative 2" lift and 32" tires. Tires and parts are cheaper and insurance too. If I was towing a lot the Tundra would get the nod, but for my needs the Tacoma was a better choice.

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