The Dometic CFX3 Mega Thread


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As of 2 weeks ago I can get down the switchbacks to my off-grid cabin so I need this thing!

Since neither Dometic nor REI seem capable of answering any simple questions, I may just cancel, buy an Engel and call it a day.

Just responded to your post in this thread. Unfortunately, we don't have insight into REI's inventory system, what their backorder list might look like, etc. :cry:

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Not exactly a confidence booster :(
I've had no problem getting responses from them. They released the fridge, it sold out super fast and they are trying to make more. Right now manufacturing is slowed down because of the quarantine. It's just something we have to deal with.


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If you can find out about the Qs raised in #4 that would be great

When you say cooler, does that mean these use Peltier tech, rather than Danfoss-type DC compressors?

If so, is there a maximum temperature delta between ambient and internal?

Say ambient was 37°C. . .

CFXs use a compressor. Our own Dometic design and manufacture. They are not thermo electric (peltier).

The CFXs won’t see any performance degradation until over 110F. At that point the user will begin to see slight degradation- it will of course continue to work.

If ambient temp is high, we recommend freezing at 0F for optimal power consumption.

Sorry for missing your post early on in the thread. Hope this helps! (y)

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Use promo code Expedition20 for $25 off your order of $75+


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I was on the phone with REI this week about my CFX3 55IM. My order is currently listed as back order still. However, the customer service rep said their system shows they expect to receive a shipment May 5th with my order expected to leave REI and ship to me on May 8th.

Of course, this is just for one order and who knows what the back order list looks like at REI. Also, until the actual restocking order arrives at REI, our orders will remain on back order. Manufacturing and logistics are both labor intensive so we all have to be more patient than usual during this crazy time.
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How about the TCX Tropicool line?

Which do you think is more energy efficient, in moderate use as a fridge not freezer?

The TCX is a Peltier-based system (thermoelectric). A Peltier element passes current through a composite sandwich and one side becomes cold, the other hot. No moving parts, no gas, but about 5x energy consumption vs compressor.

Peltier systems operate relative to ambient temp too so you can’t freeze with our TCX’s.

Give this, if you are looking for the most flexibility and keeping your energy consumption down the CFX3 would be a better direction to go.

Hope this helps!

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Use promo code Expedition20 for $25 off your order of $75+

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