The new Bundu Gear Expedition Trailer


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Considering the die-hard enthusiasts on this site, who have been very good to us over the last few years, I wanted to release the news here first; informally.

Bundu Gear is soon to release its very own off-road expedition trailer.
After a tumultuous affair with our South African compatriots, we will no longer be selling Jurgens off-road cargo trailers. Without going into details, I will cite only logistical and operational difficulties in bringing big, bulky items so far in a container.

For the last several months we have been developing an entirely new trailer, specifically for the North American market. For the way we travel, the way we enjoy the outdoors, and for the stuff we like to carry; but based on my years of experience as a guide in Africa, and travels on the Southern Africa subcontinent. So, it has all the best features of the South African-style trailers, but with an American sensibility. Designed from the ground up, by us.

The trailer is being made right here in Tempe, AZ, and utilizes hereto unseen construction methods in a trailer. The goal is a lightweight, rugged, versatile trailer, at the right price. And we will be revealing it in just a matter of weeks. I will be able to reveal the first pictures shortly. We plan to be production ready, by end of March, with the first trailer (already tentatively ordered) being delivered beginning of May and thereafter heading to Alaska on an extensive trip.

We have been working in conjunction with an aerospace engineer (who is also an avid off-roader) with the major design, construction and assembly principles, to create a truly unique trailer. A major factor has been manufacturing and assembly optimization, to reduce cost, and speed up delivery time; lead time should eventually be no more than 4 weeks, if it is not readily in stock. My particular major focus on the project has been aesthetics, because I like a trailer to be physically eye-catching, and that is what we have. Dare I say, it is damn sexy.

The trailer is almost entirely made up of sheet steel, with a combination sheet and tube frame. Lightness where we can, strength where it needs it. The tub, sits on the frame and is attached to the frame both vertically and horizontally, to ensure maximum stiffness and strength. The main box features a side door with fridge/stove/kitchen access; a full rear door for organized storage access; a full opening lid, for top access. Rock sliders offer convenient steps, rock rails and jacking points. The rear features stabilizers/corner steadies. Low-slung fender boxes allow storage, as well as clearance for 35" tires, all while lowering Center of Gravity. The Tongue box is huge and houses electrics and extra storage. The trailer features electric brakes, a roof rack, rear spare-tire swing out, and numerous accessories will follow shortly after release.

Suspension duties are being handled by an independent trailing arm system, designed in co-operation with a major player in desert racing/performance suspension, and was designed specifically for this trailer, for the type of traveling we like to do. All will be revealed when we are ready to go live.

In the next 2-3 weeks I will be able to post the first sneak peeks at the rapidly progressing trailer, and will be able to reveal more details at that time. In the meantime, stay tuned. Because you will be seeing a lot of us.


Can't wait to see it. Hopefully will be in town as you pass through Whitehorse on your way to Alaska. Would love to ogle it over a beer or two.


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Please tell me you have some manufacturing efficiencies built in so it can be a better value than some other trailers on the market......



I can't wait to see what you've come up with! Wishing you the best of luck and success!:safari-rig::sombrero:


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Very curious to see pics. Sounds right in line with what we're looking for.

And I live in Chandler, so it'd be a quick delivery!


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Please tell me you have some manufacturing efficiencies built in so it can be a better value than some other trailers on the market......
Why, yes we do. In fact, the whole trailer was designed to optimise sheet steel sizes, capabilities of the break press, laser cutter, punches etc. Scalability was very important for me. So hopefully we will be able to have a trailer with high versatility and high value for money factors.


I'm very excited to see this trailer. The description sounds fantastic and seems to press trailer design and manufacturing technology beyond the current industry norms. Best of luck and I'm anxious to see posted images.

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