Tire Carrier Hinges - again

Which tire carrier hinge would you choose?

  • AJ's Offroad Armor - double shear design

    Votes: 19 21.1%
  • Iron Pig's Beefy bronze bushing design

    Votes: 17 18.9%
  • Comp 4x4 Sleeve design

    Votes: 16 17.8%
  • 4x4Labs 1.75 spindle design

    Votes: 14 15.6%
  • Other (EMS, Rockstomper, etc)

    Votes: 24 26.7%

  • Total voters


Lots of good information was discussed here...


Building on those discussions...

I am about to the point in a rear bumper build to start figuring out the tire carrier and have not decided on what hinge to go with. I've narrowed it down to four that are interesting...

http://www.ajsoffroadarmor.com/Tire_Carrier.html -- I really like the double shear design of this one. The way my bumper is designed, I would probably not hang it off the edge, welding the lower tab to the horizontal bumper face instead. Just drill a hole to allow access to the lower nut from underneath.
EDIT: Direct link to the item in AJ's online store: AJs Offroad Armor Store - Tire Carrier Hinge

http://www.comp4x4.com/tire_carrier_hinge_kit_2000.html -- This one is interesting. They have incorporate a sleeve that you weld to the bumper which alleviates any welding on the spindle itself. This should help the issue of creating stress areas on the spindle and prevent breakage. It's a 1.75" spindle too, which is the same as the Slee adn 4x4Labs spindles (a proven size). However, the spindle is then located with a roll pin. They suggest tack welding the spindle for further insurance, kind of defeating the purpose of their design IMO.

http://ironpigoffroad.com//index.ph..._id=74&zenid=1854cbc65ad006b7832678aeb63cbd7c -- I really like this one. VERY beefy. Not sure how well it can be made double shear though. I can't see the top in the picture.

http://www.polyperformance.com/shop/Tire-Carrier-Hinge-p-2461.html -- the 1.75 spindle option

Here are a couple of runner ups...

http://www.atozfabrication.com/store/product.php?productid=16138&cat=274&page=1 -- only 1.5" spindle, but long enough to allow welding at the bottom of the bumper and only tacking at the top.

http://www.emsoffroad.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=78&products_id=182 -- no mention of spindle size.

4x4labs - they are redoing their site and so I do not have a link. There's is a proven one, and has the larger 1.75" spindle.

There are a few more options out there, but too many examples of breakage and so they were not included.

SO....the million dollar question, if you were going to pick one, which would you pick. Base your discussion and decision on quality, function, and history and not price.
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Just to throw one more option into the mix, I picked up this hinge for $10 off ebay. It uses a delrin bushing and the inner sleeve takes a 5/8" bolt. I'll be using it in double shear, but instead of my carrier swinging out like a barn door it will swing up and over like a trap door



I'm glad you started this thread because a tire carrier is on my list of to do's this winter and I haven't decided what to use for a hinge either.

I have built o few in the past using the trailer spindle pivot. It works good but requires too much maintenance in a wet environment in my opinion. I have also seen a few shear off just below the bottom bearing. I think this was caused by the constant wiggle of the heavy swing out that slowly weakened the spindle. Kind of like bending a spoon back and forth until it breaks.

After a few failures we switched to a spindle made by Slee Offroad. It was huge, like really huge. Those didn't break. I just noticed that it isn't avalible on their site any more.

Of your choices I like the double shear version the best myself. Unfortunately I don't see a price there and it sounds like it might not be available yet. All of the others just look like a different version of the same thing.
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i don't think it matters with a 1" diameter bolt. i don't know, just me. and they have that size around here, and you pay by the weight of the bolt.

i got the bronze bushings from MSC industrial supply. i don't have the part numbers anymore. You can look through their catalog for bronze bushings with a 1" ID.


Well, just throw one more at you. How about this?







Hiem joints and grade 5 bolts. Very adjustable, very smooth and not very expencive. Not to mention unique. Just a thought. :wings:



That's interesting. Haven't seen anyone use heims before. They have held up well?

Just for accuracy's sake, it looks like the bolt in those pics is a Grade 8 and not a 5, but it's hard to see the marks.


I have had them for a full season now, and no complaints. They seem to be holding up great. Plus, IF a hiem breaks, just unscrew it, and put a new one in. As for the bolt, I really thought it was a grade 5, but after looking at the photo you may be right. I will have to check when I get home today.


matt s

Mostly posting to bookmark this thread (thinking we need a sub-forum directed to rear bumpers).

One comment on the grade 5 vs 8. I know many people who believe that the 5 is a better choice in a sheer situation and that an 8 is too brittle in a sheer load. YMMV.

I don't know that it matters when people are using 1" bolts only supporting a couple hundred pounds at the most.

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