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I just bought a 2006 Tundra access cab 4x4. I see on the original window sticker that the standard size tires are P245/70R16. This truck has the TRD option, which came with P265/70R16.

I need to replace the tires, and was thinking of going with P245/75R16. I want to go a little narrower for better mpg, and I need to go to 75 for E rated tires (I'm putting on a FWC camper).

I talked to a guy at Goodyear and he recommended against this, but didn't really explain why.

I'm looking at Michelin LTX, either the M/S2 or the AT2 in P245/75R16, E rating. Do you see anything wrong with this?


There shouldn't be anything wrong with that. I don't think the TRD package came with different axle ratios.

If you do want to keep the tire height but go narrower, you might have a look at the 235/85R16 size. It's a heavy-duty range E size that's about 32.5" tall and 9" wide that's common on 1-ton and dually trucks. It's also priced competitively--possibly due to its common use in service/industry applications.

That's the size I would use if I had 16" wheels.
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I run the 235/85-16 on my 07 Tacoma and I've found it to be an excellent choice. The street tread versions run 31.7-31.8, and the M/T versions right at 32. They fit the stock wheel very well and they clear everything without modifications. I think they are mostly all LR-E. They also air down well, giving a long narrow foorprint.

As to the 245, no issues at all. Same gearing in both trucks.

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As others said the 245/75R16 should be great. I am running Michelin LTX AT2 and think they are great tires. I think the M/S is even better if you are mostly road.

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