TOAD - as Suzuki Samurai


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In Australia I don't think it is the most common thing, but on the bigger motorhomes I have seen it a bit.
Caravaning is probably the most common here, so in that scenario it's pretty much a moot point.


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Instead of carrying two spare tires the TOAD can save you. And with a bigger rig, that can't climb in trails to Alpine lakes due to narrow spaces between trees, the TOAD can carry the kayaks to the final destination.


I used to tow a SWB 70 series Landcruiser behind a Dodge B250 Great West van that we had. I'd esedefinitely consider a samurai to tow behind our present vehicle. Our present run about is a Fiat Panda 4x4 which would also make a decent Toad.


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I've had our 94 Sammi for close to 20 years and have towed it behind several campers. I bought it from the original owner that bought it to tow behind their Class A. It has over 170k in tow miles while the engine probably has less then 30k on it. Super light and easy to tow. It's done all 3 coasts and most of everything in between, including most of Colorados passes and Moabs trails. Super hardy and reliable couldn't recommend a better dingy.



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I have an ‘86 with 118k miles on it… I tow it behind my class A motorhome… I take it mostly to the southern CA deserts… Only way I know it’s behind me while towing, is when I turn a corner, then I can see it in the side mirror… 5-10 min. hookup and disconnect…. The thing is only 135”L x 61”W x 65”H and less than 2200#s.. Mine is completely original except for paint, Old Man Emu springs and shocks… The tires and rims are up one size…

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