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Does anyone have any recommendations for a good shop that works on Toyotas in the NOVA area? I’m coming due for the timing belt again and don’t really have the time to tackle this myself. I found an AISIN kit online for less than $200.00 but will probably have the shop also do the crank seal and serpentine tensioner too while they’re in there.

Is there anything else I might be forgetting? I’m considering the hoses too. This rig has >200k miles now but I think it’ll keep going with a little aTLC…


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Try Aylestock Automotive. He's a big Toyota and LC guy.

Thanks for sharing that link with us. I appreciate you, you made my day. My friend is looking for a good shop that works on Toyotas in the NOVA area and I am glad I found it on the given link which you have shared with us. I always help my friend because he also always helps me. Last time he helped me by sharing the website link with me because I was looking for a site online where I can find cheap assignments for sale and he shared that site link with me where I found it. I am so lucky to have a friend like him.
Thanks for the advice, I appreciate you :)
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