TRED Pro works!!


So I picked up a set of TRED Pro's way back in December from Lucky8 during their sale. Tossed them in the back of my LR4 and thats where they have sat, still wrapped in the packaging since then. Over the weekend we were traveling from Monterey, CA South and decided to stay a night on Pismo Beach. They next morning with the tires aired down we headed over to the edge of the dunes for a drive (I didn't have a whip flag so we did not go in). I let my son take the wheel for a bit as the place was empty (Monday morning) and he promptly buried us to the frame :) I've been stuck in sand before so not much panic but I was excited to try out the new TRED's. I pulled them out and literally only spent about 30 seconds digging around each tire before putting them up at the front wheels. I hopped in, slowly pressed the gas to keep wheel spin down and BOOM! I was out, just like that. I couldn't believe how quick and easy that was!
I'm just blown away. Huge fan of these things now.


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Cool. Thanks for sharing- it's good to see some of the competitors to Maxtrax work as advertised. Ensures that the products will continue to get better. I've not pulled the trigger on any of these yet but I can see the merit for something lightweight and easily stackable etc to my planks. ;)


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Good to hear.....I carry two pair in Jeep, only used them once when someone else slid off road in snow. They couldn't get traction to get out but two treds in no time flat did the trick.

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