Troubleshooting Help: GZ Yeti 1400 powering CFX50W


Hey all - anyone have experience powering a fridge cooler with a Goal Zero Yeti? I have the CFX50 and I am attempting to run it off the GZ Yeti 1400 Lithium. I am using the power pole connectors with about 12 feet of 10awg run to a cigarette outlet and am plugging in the 12v CFX cable to that. The unit powers up but gives the orange low voltage flash and won't turn the compressor on. The Yeti is charged to about 75%.

I can plug the fridge into the wall outlet in the house and it works fine.
I can plug the fridge directly to the 120V outlet on the Yeti and it works fine.
This tells me it's likely in my wiring setup. 10awg should be overkill. Should I ditch the cigarette plug and direct wire? Is it something about the power delivery of 12VDC that will limit the Yeti usage to a higher charge level? Thoughts?


YES Standard ciggie sockets are IMO a dangerous abortion, avoid like the plague for anything important, or that you use regularly. Never more than 5-6A and only for short periods, as in a few minutes. Even then they are risky, an inherently poor design!

Blue Sea has a nice socket design that twist-locks with the matching plug, but will also accept standard ciggie plugs for smaller (
Also the BMW/ Hella/ Merit/ Powerlet "Euro-style DIN" (ISO 4165) style is very robust.

Anderson plugs for high amps, for me my standard, for almost all power connections. **That's what I would use here if not hard wiring.**

If you standardize on one of the last two types, there are adapters for guests, temporary use of devices with standard ciggie plugs.

I am not saying this will fix your problem, just general advice for all use cases.


1. How much current does the fridge draw

A. peak load when start-up cycling the compressor every 10-20min?

B. per 24 hours in heavy-usage conditions?

2. What is the battery chemistry of your portable powerpak?

3. What is its Ah capacity @12V

4. What is its maximum peak and continuous Amps discharge ratings? Two separate numbers.


You need the GoalZero Volatage Regulator cable to power the Dometic. It'll bump the output to 12v.... the dometic/ARBfridges are sensitive to voltage levels


Thanks Gravity. Member PeteRissler mentioned this in a cross post I had as well. It should be here on Friday. Hopefully this clears it up. I measured voltage into the outlet receiver and it was between 10.8 and 11.4. So, yeah, a little low.


Just updating this with results if anyone is searching for something similar. The Yeti Lithium 12V regulated was the ticket. Plugged it in and the Dometic fired right up. The Yeti is now powering my CFX50, Propex HS2211, Propane alarm, and water pump. The price is a bit steep, but overall I think it's a good portable solution for what I wanted.


Any IRL reports of Ah per 24hr consumption in extremely hot ambients would be appreciated.

Does work as a food-safe deep freeze right?

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